Senior Assignment Showcase Instructions

Follow these instructions to record, upload and copy the embed code of your Senior Assignment. Do not wait until the deadline date to begin this process. Video uploading, editing, and captioning will take some time and ITS cannot speed up the process.

Step 1: Record your Presentation

1. Open your presentation on your computer.

2. Start your Zoom meeting. All presenters should join the Zoom meeting at this point. 

Tip! If you intend on being on camera, make sure that you are well lit against a plain background. Adjust your camera/laptop to ensure that your entire face and shoulders are in the frame. Ensure there are no windows or unwanted objects in the background. Ensure that the environment is a quiet as possible and that all pets and people are out of the room. Do a test recording and have your team watch it for sound and video quality as well as unwanted sounds and background objects. Ensure all filters are off!

examples of bad zoom meetings

3. From the bottom of the screen, click the Share button.

Zoom share button

4. The Share Screen window will open. Select your presentation. If you plan on going to another program to display, for example a PDF file or a webpage, select Screen. If you have more than one screen as in the example below, select the screen that will display both the presentation and other programs. This allows you to go between software. If you only choose your presentation software, you will not be able to see other programs.

Zoom Share screen

If your presentation or webpage has audio or video on it, ensure the boxes "Share sound" and "Optimize for video clip" are checked.

Click the Share button.

5. Note the menu moves to the top of the Zoom window when you share your screen. You may have to hover your mouse at the top of the screen to see the full menu.

6. Put your presentation in Show mode. 

7. To begin recording, click the More button at the top of the Zoom window. Then click Record to the Cloud.

Record to cloud

Recording to the cloud will automatically upload the recording to the owner's TechSmith Knowmia library. You will receive an email when the video has fully uploaded to the Cloud and when the video is fully uploaded to TechSmith Knowmia. You will not have to delete the video from the Zoom Cloud as it will automatically delete in 60 days.

Once you have received the email from TechSmith Knowmia that your recording is ready, move on to Step 2.

Step 2: Accessing Your Video in TechSmith Knowmia

1. Log into TechSmith Knowmia at

2. Locate the Zoom Recordings folder. Click on the thumbnail.

Zoom Recording folder

Your video will be identified by your name's Personal Meeting Room. Click on the video thumbnail to open the video.

Step 3: Edit Your Video

You may wish to do some minor edits. Note, it Knowmia, you can only trim the beginning or end of the video, or cut out parts within the video. You cannot combine videos.

It is recommended that you trim any dead space before the presentation begins and any after the presentation ends. Any editing must be done before you caption the video. Editing will delete any captions you have created.

Click the plus sign below to expand the menus for directions.

  • Edit a Knowmia Video
    • TechSmith Knowmia allows you to remove parts of the video such as a pause in the center, trim the beginning or end, etc.

      1. Log into TechSmith Knowmia at
      2. Navigate to the video and click on the video's thumbnail.
      3. Click Edit Media.

      Edit Media button

      4. A window will pop-up. You have to option to Edit a Copy of the video or Edit the Original.

      Edit a Copy: Selecting Edit a Copy will make a duplicate of the original video for you to edit. This preserves the original video. The copy will lose the analytics and quiz questions on the copy but will maintain the analytics and quiz questions on the original. Any links to the original video will have to be re-shared and re-linked to this video.
      Edit this Video: Selecting Edit this Video will reopen the video editor on the original video. Any links to this video will remain intact. Any captioning, analytics and quizzes will be lost when you republish the video.

      Click the option you wish.

      Choose Edit copy or edit original

      5. Play the video or drag the play head (gray bar with numbers) to the start of the cut (green flag).

      drag play head

      6.Drag the red flag to the end of the cut.

      end cut

      7. Click the Cut button. A red line will appear on the timeline where the cut took place.

      cut line

      7. View the portion of the video that was edited. If you want to change the edit locations, click on the red line. The original edit will open.
      If you want to change the start or end points, click Edit.
      If you want to save the edit, click Cancel.
      If you want to remove the edit, click Delete. You can also click the "Undo" button to remove the edit.

      edit the edit

      NOTE: If you click "Restore to Original Video" ALL edits will be deleted.

      8. If you want to save your work and edit more later, click the Save & Edit button at the top left corner of the window.
      If you are finished editing, you must click Publish or your changes will not take affect.

      save or publish

Step 4: Close Caption Your Video

TechSmith Knowmia has a speech-to-text captioning system that you engage with the click of one button. It is strongly recommended that you caption your video.

  • Close Caption Your Video
    • Closed captioning not only helps students with hearing impairments, but is beneficial for students where English is their second language.  It is also beneficial for students not able to listen to the video due to sound restrictions in their environment (e.g., at work). 

      Watch the videos below for additional captioning tips and tricks.

      See the Editing Captions for ADA Compliance video to learn how to edit captions in TechSmith Knowmia.

      See the Publishing Captions video for full features.

      Log into TechSmith Knowmia at

      Add Captioning

      1. Navigate to the video.
      2. Click on the video.
      3. Click on the Accessibility button.


      4. To start the captioning process, select Add Caption Track.

      generate captions

      5. Accept the "Speech-to-text" option and click Apply.

      Speech to text option

      6. When the caption is complete, the status will read "Ready for Edit." To edit the caption, click on the pencil.

      Edit Captions  

      Edit Captioning

      1. Type directly into the closed caption box to edit the text. In the example below, you may want to remove the comma.

      Edit closed caption

      2. Use the Play button to begin the video and the pause button when you want to stop the video to make edits.


      Click the Next or Previous button to advance to or return to caption box.


      Drag the timeline (not the teal play-line) to the caption box on the video.

      3. Click the "! ADA" button at the bottom of the screen to see sections that may not be ADA compliant.

      ADA button

      4. Click on a rule to jump to the next error.

      In this example, the caption is too short. The text from the end of the previous caption should be combined with this caption to form a complete sentence. (See below)

      When all errors are met, the gold exclamation mark will turn to a green check mark.

      NOTE: All changes are automatically saved. Use the "Undo" button (see below) to revert.

      5. If you want to save and return to your  before you are finished, click the Save & Exit button in the upper left corner of your screen.
      When editing is complete, click the Publish button at the top of the page.

      Other Edits

      In addition to editing the text, other edits can be done to the text boxes.

      editing tools

      1. Add New Caption - click this button to add a blank caption box to the point on the timeline where no caption box exists.
      2. Delete Caption - click this button to delete a caption box.
      3. Split Caption - move the timeline and pause the audio to where you want the caption to split. Note: align the play head with the audio, and not the text in the text box before you split the text box.
      4. Delete All Captions - WARNING: Clicking this button will delete ALL of the captions. If you inadvertently clicked this, click the Undo button (#5 in the image above).
      5. Undo - revert to the previous action.
      6. Redo - repeats the previous action.

      Add an Assignee

      If you have help from a GA or other user, you can add them as an Assignee to help edit captions. That is the only access they will have to your video.

      1. Click on Add Assignee button.

      add assignee

      2. Enter the user's SIUE email (not just the e-ID). The user will receive an email notifying of the captions.

      If a caption has not been generated, click the "Generate speech-to-text captions" check box.

      Click Save at the bottom of the window.

      add email

      The Assignee(s) will be listed.

      assignee list

Knowmia's speech to text captioning is over 90% accurate. However, it often misses technical terms that are not used everyday. It is strongly recommended that you edit your captions to ensure the proper words are displayed and embarrassing captions are corrected! You may assign one of your teammates as a caption editor.

  • Assign a Caption Editor
    • Caption Editor can only edit the captions of the video(s) assigned to them. They cannot edit videos, add quizzing, see quiz results or analytics.

      1. To assign a user as a Caption Editor, click on the Accessibility link at the top of the page.


      2. Select the video(s) to be captioned by clicking in the check box to the left of the video's thumbnail and title. 

      caption editor

      3. In the Actions box, accept the default "Add/Change Assignee."  In the View box, select the type of video, In Progress (videos being edited but not published), Processing (videos being uploaded), Unpublished, Published, or Assigned to Me.

      Click the Apply button.

      Add Change Assignee, In Progress, Apply

      4. Add the user's SIUE email address. Click Apply. (Note: If the user has never logged in at they cannot be assigned.)

      Add change assigne

      5. The Captions Editor will receive an email notifying that they have been assigned media for captioning. They will then receive an email when the captions are ready for review.


      Note: Caption editors can also be assigned from the Accessibility tab within a specific video by using the Add Assignee option.

Step 5: Edit the Title of Your Video

1. Your video uploads as "Your Name's Zoom Meeting Room." You may wish to change that to your presentation's name. From the Video page, click on the Edit icon.

Edit name of video

2. The Edit Details window will open. Change the title of the video to the title of your presentation. Add your group members and your Mentor to the Description section. You may also wish to add a short description of the video to this location.

Edit details

3. Click the Save button.

Once all of the above steps are complete, you are ready to share the link to the video on the Senior Assignment Upload form.

Step 6: Get the Embed Code to Your Video

The embed code of your video will be added to the Senior Assignment webpage so viewers can view your video.

You can move your videos within your TechSmith Knowmia Library (e.g. move to another folder) or you can give your video to another person  (e.g., your school's chair) and this will not break the link to the video.

Do not delete the video as that will break the link to the video.

1. From the video menu, click on Share.

Share video

2. From the Share Media window, click on Embed.


3. Under "People who can view this media" click the drop down arrow. Select "Only people with this link":

People who can view this media

This will allow future employers, family, and friends not associated with the university to have access to your presentation video.

4. Look at the "Width" box. If your video is larger than 800, change the width to 800. The height will automatically change. Video any larger will not display properly on mobile devices.

video width

5. Click the Copy button. This will copy the embed code to your computer's clip board.

6. Fill out the Senior Assignment form and paste the Embed Code in the proper box.

If you need any help with the process above or if you have technical issues, contact or call 650-5500 during normal business hours. 

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