Blackboard (Faculty) - Content Collection: Access and Download Documents from My Content Area

This document provides an overview of how to access and download documents from the My Content area.

Access the My Content Area

Files uploaded to Blackboard are stored in Course Folders in My Content.

  1. In the left navigation of the home page, click Tools. Then click Content Collection.

    screenshot of tools and content collection circled in red

  2. In the Files panel to the left, click on Course Content.

    course folder

  3. The Course folders that you have access to will be listed.

Download the Folder

    1. To identify the semester, the last 6 digits of the course ID refer to the semester and year. The first for digits are the year, 2016 in the example below. The last two digits are the semester; 15 for spring, 25 for summer, and 35 for fall. The example below is from Fall (35) of 2016.

      Click on the check box(s) of the course folder. You may check more than one check box to download. However, the more course files you select, the larger the file, the longer it will take to download.

      Click the Download Package button.

      Select course.

    2. A "Save As" window will open. Save the file to your desktop or folder on your computer.

    3. You my want to unzip the files to access the individual files or leave the files zipped for easier storage. 

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