YuJa (All Users) - Implementation Timeline and FAQ

This article contains information on the YuJa implementation occurring during the SP22, SU22, and FA22 semesters. YuJa replaces TechSmith Knowmia (formerly known as TechSmith Relay), SIUE's video storage and management solution.

YuJa is currently being implemented at SIUE. The product has a similar look and feel to Knowmia with many more capabilities in video capturing, editing, and searchability within video content.    

Implementation Timeline

As of August 16, 2022

  • If you have not done so yet, sign into YuJa to create your account. Without a YuJa account, your videos will be placed in a holding folder and will have to be manually transferred to your account at a later date. This manual transfer will not occur until September or October. You will then have to manually re-link the videos. 
  • Any new Zoom Cloud recordings are automatically uploaded to YuJa. Uploads can take up to an hour to appear in YuJa.
  • All Knowmia media that was recorded or uploaded before April 11, 2022, has been migrated to SIUE's institutional YuJa account but is not yet visible to SIUE users in their individual folders. 

  • Since April 11, 2022, any videos uploaded to Knowmia will have to be manually uploaded to YuJa by the video owner, and manually linked in Blackboard by the instructor. 

Months of August and September

  • Videos in Knowmia have been packaged and will be transferred to YuJa. Your Knowmia videos will appear in YuJa by the end of August or early September.  
  • The Knowmia videos linked as web links or embedded in the content areas using embed code in FA2022, SP2022, and SU2022 shells will be automatically relinked with corresponding YuJa URLs. Relinking will not include videos linked using the Knowmia LTI. (The LTI allows for quizzes to be graded or viewing percentage graded in Blackboard and has a special icon.) 
  • Any Knowmia videos linked on webpages will have to be manually relinked to YuJa videos by the webpage owner. 


September 30, 2022 

  • End of life for SIUE’s TechSmith Knowmia.  

October 1, 2022 

  • Content in TechSmith Knowmia is no longer accessible in SIUE accounts for viewing ordownload.

Frequently Asked Questions

I haven’t signed into YuJa. Is it too late?  
No. Go ahead and sign in. As of April 11, Knowmia is taking a snapshot of all the user libraries. User’s YuJa libraries will begin populating in late August or early September. YuJa cannot populate a user’s library, nor link the videos to the user’s Blackboard courses, if the user has not signed in to create the account first. 

I don’t see any videos in YuJa. 
YuJa is currently importing the videos from Knowmia. Users' YuJa libraries will begin populating sometime in August-September. Be sure you have signed in to YuJa or your library cannot be populated. 

Can I still access my videos in Knowmia? 
Yes. Knowmia videos can be accessed until September 30, 2022. 

Can I bring my own videos over from Knowmia to YuJa? 
Yes. See the Knowledge Base Article: https://kb.siue.edu/118006 for instructions.  

I spent a lot of time editing my Knowmia captions but YuJa overrode those captions. How do I import my old captions?

Download captions from Knowmia: https://kb.siue.edu/101341
Upload captions to YuJa: https://kb.siue.edu/117495#upload

When will training be available? 
Registration for virtual YuJa-Introductory training is available at: https://bit.ly/3O4H6oO. Self-paced training is available at: https://www.siue.edu/its/training/YuJa/Intro/#/ 

What is my YuJa ID and why is it different from my e-ID. Which one do I use to sign in? 
The YuJa ID is created when you sign in as a unique ID within their system. You will continue to use your SIUE e-ID and password to sign into YuJa.  

Where are my Zoom Recordings?  
Zoom Cloud recordings are now being automatically uploaded to YuJa. However, the upload from the Zoom Cloud to YuJa can take up to an hour.   

ITS will continue to share information about YuJa and updates on the migration from Knowmia. For additional information, please consult the YuJa resource site or contact ITS at help@siue.edu. 

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