YuJa (All Users) - Security Setting on your Videos

This article walks you through how to identify and change security settings on your videos in YuJa.
YuJa has two main Security Settings:
  • Public - Anyone with the link or embed code can view the content
  • Private - Access to the direct link or embed code is disabled
Additional Restrictions include:
  • Password or Authentication Restrictions
  • Date Restriction
  • IP Range and Address Restriction
  • Location Restriction
  • Domain Restriction
  1. Navigate to your video thumbnail. Hover your mouse over the thumbnail and click More in the menu.

    more in menu

  2. Click on Links from the left menu.


  3. Click on the Security Settings button.

    Security setting button

  4. Videos are set to Public by default. Anyone with the link or viewing the embedded video will be able to see the video.

    The Private setting indicates that only the owner of the video and those that the video was shared with, will see the video. Owners and those that had the video shared with must log into YuJa either through Blackboard or siue.yuja.com to see the video. Links and embedded video will not work.

    default is public

  5. The following are additional restrictions you can put on your video:
  • Platform Authentication is not necessary as Blackboard and siue.yuja.com are already set to Single Sign-On authentication. 
  • Simple Password may be given as additional security.
Password or Authentication Restrictions
Date Restriction works like the adaptive release in Blackboard. Set the Visible Date (Display after) and Invisible Date (Display Until) dates to restrict the viewing.

: You do not need to set both the Date Restrictions on the video in YuJa AND adaptive release dates in Blackboard. Set only one or the other.
Date restriction
IP Range and Address Restriction: You will probably never need to use the IP Range and Address Restriction. This would only be used if you wanted to restrict the viewing to the computers in a lab or classroom. Contact ITS at 650-5500 for help with this setting.
IP Range
Location Restriction: You should never need to set a location restriction.
Location Restriction
Domain Restriction: Likewise, you should never need to set a domain restriction.
Domain restriction
Click Save at the bottom of the window. Click Close at the bottom of the window.
When you return to the Media Details window, click Close.

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