YuJa (Faculty) - Deploy a YuJa Quiz Video in Blackboard

This article explains how to link a YuJa Quiz Video in Blackboard.

These instructions assume that the quiz has already been created in YuJa.

  1. In Blackboard, navigate to the course. Then navigate to the Content Area or folder. 

  2. Click on Build Content. Then click YuJa Video Quizzes and Analytics in the menu. 

    Build Content YuJa Video Quizzes and Analytics

  3. From the Media Chooser, click on the Quizzes tab. 

    Quizzes tab

  4. Locate the quiz and click on it to select it. Click the Insert Content button at the bottom of the window. 

    Insert Content

  5. The video will appear as a Web Link. Click the Drop-down arrow next to the title. 

    Yuja quiz weblink blackboard

  6. Edit the name of the video if necessary. The score will default to 100. Change that if necessary. Set the Due Date and other settings as necessary. It is good practice to add instructions that include the due date and points possible for the video quiz.

    set point value

  7. Submit at the bottom of the page.

    Yuja quiz blackboard detail
Note: The grades may not transfer to the Grade Center immeduately, especially the Analytics scores. Please allow extra time for those to transfer to the Grade Center.