YuJa (Faculty) - Grade A Video Quiz

This document describes how to manually grade a video quiz.
YuJa will automatically push grades to the Grade Center in Blackboard only for Multiple Choice, Select Multiple, and True or False questions. Short Answer and Decision Point questions must be manually graded in YuJa and synced with the Grade Center. Reflective Pause is not graded.
  1. To grade Short Answer and Decision Point answers, in the upper right corner of the screen, click the waffle icon. Select Usage & Analytics from the drop down menu.

    Usage & Analytics menu

  2. Hover your mouse over the menu on the left. Click on Grade Book.

    Gradebook highlighted in YuJa main menu

  3. In the Group drop down box, select the Blackboard course.

    Select Group

  4. Select the name of the quiz. Then click the Get Results button.

    Select quiz

  5. Next to the students names, will be the score they earned, correct answers in green and incorrect answer in light red. If your students took the quiz multiple times, click on the drop down arrow next to each student's name to see the multiple attempts.

    Quiz scores and answers

  6. If you want to grade only one attempt, from the Filter drop down box, select either the Highest Score, Most Recent, or First Attempt.

    highest attempt

  7. If you choose to see all the attempts, click on the paper icon to expand the menu.

    Grade Short Answer

  8. The attempt menu will expand. Click on either paper icon to see the grading options.

    multiple attempts

  9. Select the correct or incorrect radio button. Then click Save.

    Grading options

  10. On the Student Breakdown tab, see the bar graph based on the correct and incorrect answer by student.

    Student breakdown chart

  11. On the Question Breakdown tab, see the bar graph based on the correct and incorrect answer by question.

    Question Breakdown
  12. Return to the Grade Book tab. Click on the Sync Gradebook. From the menu, select the second option: On-Demand LMS Quiz Gradebook Sync.

    sync gradebook

  13. The Grades will be populated in Blackboard's Grade Center.

    Blackboard Grade Center

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