YuJa (All Users) - Download Videos From Knowmia and Upload To YuJa

This document provides an overview on how to download your videos from TSK and Upload them to YuJa.

Step 1: Download Videos from Knowmia

1. Create a folder on your desktop to store your video files. If you have files for multiple classes/topic, create folders for each.  

2. Log into Knowmia at https://siue.techsmithrelay.com/ with your SIUE email and password. 

3. Navigate to the first video to be downloaded. Note that you have to download each video one at a time. Click on the thumbnail.

thumbnail of video

4. Click on the More button. Then Click on Download from the menu.

more button and download

5. In FireFox: If a dialogue box opens, click the Save File button and click OK. Depending upon the setting in your browser, the file will either be saved to the Downloads folder in your computer or the dialogue box will ask where you want to save the file. If the second is the case, save the file to your desktop or other folder.

dialogue box

In Chrome: a notification bar will open in the lower part of the screen. The file will be saved to the Download folder on your computer.


Note: Video files can be large and take a while to download. Make sure the files are fully downloaded before moving on to Step 2.

Continue Steps 1 - 5 until you have all of the video files downloaded to your computer. 

Step 2: Upload to YuJa

Click on the + below for instructions to upload to OneDrive. 

If you saved your videos in a folder, select the option to upload the entire folder. The upload will take a while depending upon how many videos you have and how large the files are, but you will have to do this process only once per folder. 
  •   Upload your video files to YuJa
    • The following knowledge base article will use the term media rather than video. Although you have the ability to upload documents in YuJa, we strongly recommend that you continue to use OneDrive for large PowerPoints, Word documents, and PDF files. YuJa's storage space is limited and more suited for storing videos and audio files.

      Upload Media

      1. If you haven't already, we strongly suggest that you create folders to keep your media organized. See the Knowledge Base Article "Create a Folder" for more information. 

      2. Navigate to the folder in which you will upload your media. Double click on that folder. 

      3. Drag and drop your media directly into the window or click the Upload button. 

        Drag and drop media

      4. If you are uploading video, make sure the "Video" icon is selected. If you are uploading audio, make sure the "Audio" icon is selected. Again, do not upload documents to YuJa. OneDrive is a better storage solution for documents. 

        Upload media

      5. Please wait until the status window at the bottom of the page states Finished Uploading. This upload process may take some time depending upon the size of your media. Once the upload is finished, you will see a thumbnail of the media processing. Do not do anything to that media until it is finished processing. You may upload more media or do other actions while that video is processing.

        Processing media

      6. Once the media is processed, you will see a thumbnail image (YuJa logo in image below), the length of media ("3:35" in image below), and length of time since upload ("a minute ago" in the image below).

        Video thumbnail 

        Once the media is uploaded, you may continue editing, linking, sharing, etc. 

Step 3: Delete the Files in Knowmia

Click on the + below for instructions to upload to OneDrive. 

  •   Delete your videos from Knowmia

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