Blackboard (Faculty) - Base Navigation: Courses in Ultra Base Navigation

This document provides an overview of how to locate courses in the new Blackboard Ultra Base Navigation.

Access Courses

  1. To access courses, click on in the left menu.

    courses link in menu

Navigating Courses

  1. The Courses page defaults to current courses. Courses will be listed by semester. The six-digit number represents the semester. The first 4 digits are the year and the second are the semester (15 = spring, 25 = summer, and 35 = fall). In the example below, the courses are for Spring 2023.

    Those that do not have listed dates, such as developmental shells, will be listed under "Assorted Dates."

    current courses
  2. To see other semester courses, click the left or right arrows. You may not see any courses Upcoming Courses if they have not been created yet.

    search for courses with arrows

  3. Click on the drop-down arrow next to "Current Courses" to see all the semester choices.

    dropdown arrow for choises

Individual Course


  1. The first line,  ACS-300-002-202315, is the course ID. Use this course ID when communicating with ITS Tech support.

  2. The next line, Communication in Interviewing, is the course title.

  3. Private indicates the course is unavailable to students. Click on the ellipsis and select Open course from the menu to make the course available to students. 

    open course

  4. The instructor's name is listed next. If there is more than one instructor, click on Multiple Instructor to view the instructors.

    instructor list

  5. To boost frequently used courses to the top of the page, click the star to "favor" that course.

    click star to favor the course

    favorite courses

Open and Close the Course

  1. Click anywhere in the Course box to open the course. Note: Blackboard courses will open in the original Blackboard Learn layout.
  2. To close the course, click the red X in the upper left corner.

    Close course box

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