Blackboard (All Users) - Users: User Roles in a Blackboard Organization

This document provides an overview of user roles in a Blackboard Organization.

Most-Used Roles

  • Organization Leader – has full access to the Control Panel, Grade Center, and all areas of the organization; can add, edit, delete content, can add and remove* users, has highest level of permissions in organization

  • Leader – has access to the Grade Center and Control Panel; has ability to edit grades; can edit and add content; appears as Leader to others in organization; can interact with others and submit feedback; cannot add or remove users

  • Organization Builder – has the same level of permissions as the Leader, only the Builder cannot access the Grade Center or Evaluation components in the Control Panel

  • Participant – has access similar to Student role in courses; does not have access to the Control Panel or any content editing tools; can view content and interact with other participants as designed by Organization Leader or Builder; can see personal grades/scores/achievements, but not other participants’

Other Roles

  • Grader – has access similar as Leader, but cannot add or edit content. Primarily used for individuals who need to grade or have access to evaluative components, such as reporting

  • Assistant – has similar access as Grader, but also has the ability to add, remove, or change roles of users; cannot add or edit content; is not listed as Leader

  • Guest – only has access to content specifically made visible to guests; not a recommended role; instead, the Participant role is recommended for users who need to view content without being able to access the Control Panel, the Grade Center, or other administrative functions

* Organization Leaders can only remove Leaders or other Organization Leaders after changing their role to Participant.

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