Blackboard (Students) - Tests and Surveys: Taking a Test, Quiz, or Survey

This document describes how to take a test on Blackboard.

1. Go to the area in your course where the test is located and click the title (i.e., "Week 5 Quiz").

Click on Quiz link

2. Read the instructions carefully. Your instructor may have activated some of these settings:

  • Forced Completion -  you must complete the test before submitting. You will not be able to return to the test. If you are kicked out of the test due to an internet drop or power failure, you will need to contact your instructor to reset your test. Some faculty will not reset tests, so make sure that your internet signal is strong, consider using a wired internet connection, and your laptop has full power or is plugged in.
  • Timer - your instructor sets a time limit on your test. You must complete the test within the time limit.
    • Auto Submit: On - If your instructor has set a time limit, he/she may also set the test to automatically submit. If this is the case, the test will automatically submit when the time is up. You will be given a time warning when half the time is up, at 5 minutes, one minute, and 30 seconds remaining.
    • Auto Submit: Off - If the auto submit is off, you will be allowed to work beyond the time limit, but your instructor will be notified if you took longer than the time allotted. Check your syllabus or with your instructor if there is a penalty for going over the time limit.  

3. Click Begin to take the test.

Read instructions before you click the Begin button

4. Your instructor may use a password to secure the test. If prompted, enter the password your instructor gave you and click Submit to begin the test.

5. Click Save next to each question or Save All Answers at the top or bottom of the page as you work. (If your instructor is using a rubric with  Essay, File Response, or Short Answer questions, click View Rubric to display grading criteria.)

NOTE: You must save your answers periodically or risk getting kicked off Blackboard before you submit your test. For security purposes, the Blackboard server is set to close out your session if you do not "communicate" with the server on a regular basis. Clicking on a radio button or typing text does not save to the server until you click the "Save" button with each question.

6. Before you submit your test, click on the Question Completion Status link under the Test Information at the top of the test.

Question Completion Status

This will identify any questions that you have not answered. Click on the number of the question to be taken to that question.

Question Completion Status extended

6. When you have finished the test, click Save and Submit.

Click Save on all questions. Click Save and Submit when you are finished taking the test

Tips: To prevent losing work, do not use the browser's back button during a test. Only use the buttons on the test screen itself. If you encounter problems while taking a test, contact your instructor right away.

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