Blackboard (Faculty) - Link Checker: Check the External Links (Web Links) in Your Course

This document provides an overview of how to check the external links in your course.

External web pages change all the time. When they are linked from inside your course it is difficult to know without checking each link which ones are broken. The Link Checker only checks if the link is valid. It does not remove or repair the broken link. You will have to manually locate the new link and edit the link yourself. The Link Checker will identify the content area, but not folder or content module in which the link is located for easier repair. The Link Checker will only identify links that are created with the Web Link tool. It will not check URLs that you have manually linked within a text box.

  1. From the Control Panel, click on Course Tools, then click on Link Checker.

  2. The Link Checker will identify
    1. The title that you gave the link
    2. URL (web page)
    3. Location (content area)
    4. Availability (visible or hidden)
    5. Valid (green check is valid, red X is a broken link)

      Check web links

  3. Note the location and titles of the invalid links. Clicking on the "Location" link will take you to the content area and folder with the broken link.

  4. Edit the existing links with the correct URL. See the "Web Link" knowledge base article for instructions on how to edit a web link.

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