Blackboard (Faculty) - Grade Center: Creating Smart Views for Sections of a Merged Course

This document provides an overview of how to set up smart views in the grade center to view one section's grades at a time in a merged course.
  1. Go to the Full Grade Center and click on Manage then click Smart Views.

    grade center manage smart view

  2. Click the Create Smart View button.

    create smart view button
  3. Enter/choose the following options:
    - Name – “Section #”
    - Check the Add as Favorite box
    - Under Type of View, select Custom
    - Choose Child Course ID for the User Criteria
    - Choose Contains for the Condition
    - In the Value box, type the section number (Note: Only the number.  Do not include the word “section”)

  4. Change the Columns to Display in Results to “All Columns”
  5. Click Submit in the bottom right-hand corner.

    smart view details submit

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