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iThenticate is a web-based program designed to compare written works with over 40 billion web pages and several million scholarly sources. SIUE graduate students and full-time faculty can utilize iThenticate for verifying the originality and correctly cited sources in graduate student theses and dissertations and faculty are able to use the tool to verify research grants and other professional works.

Who Can Use iThenticate

Only full-time faculty and graduate students in research-based programs can join SIUE's iThenticate account. (Others can use iThenticate, but must pay for the service).

Accessing iThenticate

  1. If you meet the above criteria, you can request to be added to SIUE's iThenticate account by completing this form. Joining SIUE's iThenticate account means you DO NOT have to pay for iThenticate services.
  2. Once your request has been approved and your account has been created, the iThenticate administrator will send an email to your SIUE email address with your iThenticate login information.
    • The username is the faculty or student's SIUE email address. The initial password is temporary and must be changed after using it to log into iThenticate.

  3. With the login information, users can then access iThenticate using the web portal located at:

View the Getting Started page for assistance with logging in and basic navigation.

Uploading a File in iThenticate

  1. Once logged in to iThenticate, click the Upload a File link under the Submit a Document section on the right-hand side of the page.
  2. Fill in the fields for the document title and authors first and last name.
  3. Browse for the location of the file to be uploaded.
  4. Click the Upload button.

Depending on the size of the document and Internet connection it may take a few minutes to upload and process the Similarity Report.

Watch the video for how to upload a file to iThenticate

iThenticate FAQs

What file types does iThenticate support? 
MS Word, Word XML, WordPerfect, PDF, HTML, RTF, HWP, OpenOffice (ODT), and plain text files with at least 20 words of text will be eligible to receive Similarity Reports.

Files cannot exceed 20 MB and must be no more than 400 pages in length.

How do I interpret an iThenticate Similarity Report? 
Watch this video or check out this resource handout for details on how to interpret the report.

How many Similarity Reports can be generated? 
According to the iThenticate site, up to five Similarity Reports will be processed for a single submission. If revisions are substantial in subsequent revisions, iThenticate may require the later drafts be submitted as a new manuscript.

What are the technical requirements of iThenticate? 
To ensure that iThenticate will correctly operate, check the system requirements and supported web browsers on iThenticate's site.

What languages does iThenticate support?
iThenticate currently supports English, Korean, and Japanese.

Visit the iThenticate FAQ page for additional questions and information.

Additional Resources

Step-by-Step Directions

Submitting a Document

Managing Folders

Viewing a Similarity Report

Similarity Report Settings

How-To Video

Understanding Similarity Reports

User Manuals

iThenticate Plagiarism Software User Manual

iThenticate Plagiarism Software Quick Start Guide

iThenticate Document Viewer Similarity Report Guide

For more information or questions about iThenticate, contact Information Technology Services at 618-650-5500 or via email at

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