Blackboard (Faculty) - Grade Center: Grading Periods

This document provides an overview of Grading Periods in the Grade Center.

The Grade Center allows you to organize and display by dates. This is the most useful when you have many assessments and want to organize them. One example is to display all your assessments prior to midterm and again between midterm and finals. Another example might be to display all assessments associated with Units or Topics.

The following will display Grading Periods for the first half of the semester and the second half of the semester.

Create the Grading Periods

  1. From the Full Grade Center, click on Manage, then click on Grading Periods.
    Click manage, then click grading periods

  2. Click Create Grading Period button. 

  3. Enter a name, e.g., “First 8 weeks” or “Midterm” etc. 

  4. Under Dates, select the Range radio button. 

  5. Set the Start Date as the first day of the semester. 

  6. Set the End Date as a date mid-semester. 
    Add grading periods page

  7. Click Submit

  8. Continue this for additional Grading Periods, e.g., “Second 8 weeks” or “Final” etc. 

  9. Click OK to return to the Full Grade Center. 

Set Grading Period for Existing Columns

  1. From the Full Grade Center, click on Manage, then click on Column Organization

  2. Drag the column(s) from the box “Not in a Grading Period” to the Grading Period box, e.g., “First 8 weeks.” 


  1. If you have multiple columns, check the box to the left of the column name of each column. 

  2. Click on the Change Grading Period to… button and select the Grading Period.
     Change Grading Period

  3. The columns will be moved to that Grading Period. 

  4. Click Submit

Set Grading Period for a New Column

  1. When creating a new column, in the Dates section, select the Grading Period, e.g., “First 8 weeks” or “Midterm” etc.
    Optionally, set the Due Date and Time for this assessment.

     Adding New column

  2. Click Submit

Filter the Grade Center by Grading Period

  1. From the Full Grade Center, click on the Filter button in the upper right corner (next to Work Offline). 

  2. The Filter menu will expand. 

  3. Click on the Current View (defaults to Full Grade Center) and select the Grading Period, e.g., “First 8 weeks.”
     select grading period

  4. All the columns designated within the Grading Period will be displayed. 

    You cannot filter both Grading Period and Category or a Grading Period within a Smart View.

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