Blackboard (Faculty & Students) - Known Issue: Cannot attach files in Blackboard on Safari 11.1

This document describes various known issues with Apple's Safari browser and Blackboard.


Safari 11.1, which is included in the Mac OS 10.13 (High Sierra) update, is not functioning properly with Blackboard. Primarily, users find they are not able to attach documents to Blackboard using Safari 11.1 (see below for full list of issues). Blackboard is aware of the problem and is working on a solution. 


Until a solution is found, the fastest overall workaround is for students and faculty to use an alternative browser, such as Chrome or Firefox

Detailed summary of issues:

1. Faculty cannot attach a file to an Item in Blackboard  
  • The screen stalls - it does not appear to be completing the attachment operation.  When faculty attempt to exit the window or click Cancel, they get the error message, "Your browser does not support adding local files by dragging/dropping folder ..." (Even if the faculty is not dragging/dropping.)

  • Workaround: Click Build Content and choose File from the list (use the File content type rather than attaching a file to an Item).

2. Students cannot attach file to a Blackboard Assignment submission
  • The assignment submission will time out and display a "Failed to submit Assignment. Please try again." error.
    "Failed to submit Assignment.  Please try again." error message.

  • If the student attempts to navigate away from the page before the Failed to submit Assignment error is displayed, they will get the same error message as faculty noted above, "Your browser does not support adding local files by dragging/dropping folder ..." (Even if the student is not dragging/dropping.)
  • NOTE:  Attachments seem to work for Safari 11.1 users on the Discussion Board, but not on Assignments.
  • Workaround: Students should use another browser, such as Chrome or Firefox. Or, if it does not go against course policies or assignment directions, students might  consider using the Write Submission option inside of the Assignment submission instead. (This would mean pasting or typing content directly into the Assignment text box). 

3. Students cannot get past the Confirmation screen when submitting to Turnitin. 
  • Student see a “confirming” message upon submitting and confirming their attached file submission, but the screen never changes.
  • Workaround: Use another browser or make these adjustments in Safari:
    1. Go to the Safari Preferences
    2. Click the Privacy tab
    3. Click Manage Website Data
    4. Look for and remove the three cached websites below:
      - or

4. Students can attach files to Turnitin Assignments, but results in errors for the student and the faculty
  • Student see a “confirming” message upon submitting and confirming their attached file submission, but the screen never changes. If they attempt to close the window or navigate away, the student gets an error that their file was submitted successfully, but the Blackboard Gradebook was not modified.

  • For the faculty receiving the student's work submitted via Safari 11.1, the Grade Center does not show any submission, but faculty can see it by clicking  Course Tools and then choosing Turnitin Assignments from the course tools menu. 

  • When faculty attempt to grade this submission in Turnitin, they receive an error that the grade is saved within GradeMark, but not in the Grade Center.

  • If faculty attempt to sync the Turnitin assignment grade by using the Roster Sync or Sync Grades buttons, they receive an error. 

  • Workaround for students to see Turnitin grade/feedback:  Students cannot view feedback via MyGrades since the submission is not appearing in the Grade Center.  However, if the student navigates to the assignment in the course and clicks the “View/Complete” link beneath the assignment title, they can see their grade and all comments there. Faculty would need to make sure they do not have any date restrictions hiding the item from students. 
  • Workaround for faculty: Faculty can manually enter a grade for the student's assignment in the Grade Center to ensure the student's total course points are accurate. 
5. Students get error on File Response question types in Blackboard Tests
  • When a student using Safari 11.1 answers a Blackboard Test question with a file attachment (typically on a "File Response" question type), they receive an error that the question may be incomplete, but Blackboard DOES save the file on the submission.

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