Blackboard (Students) - Portfolios: Create, Share, and Edit a Portfolio

This document describes how to create and edit a portfolio in Blackboard.

Click the plus sign below to expand the menus for directions.

  • Navigate to the Portfolio Tool
    • My Portfolios in Global Navigation

      My Portfolio is the repository for your portfolios. From this page, you can also view portfolios that were shared with you.

      1. Click on the arrow next to your name in the upper right corner of the Blackboard screen.

      2. Choose Tools from the dropdown menu.

        Global Navigation

      3. Click Portfolios.


      4. You will be on the My Portfolio Page.

        Portfolio page

      Shared Portfolios

      Shared Portfolios are portfolios that Blackboard users (students or other faculty) have shared with you. To see these:

      1. Click on the Shared with Me button.

        Share with me button

      2. Click the View link at the bottom of the shared portfolio box to open and view the portfolio.

Create Portfolio

  1. Click the Create Portfolio button

    Create portfollio

  2. Give your portfolio a title and click Submit

    title your portfolio

  3. Click Page 1 to name the first page of your portfolio.  
    1. Blackboard Portfolios are separated into pages (for main titles, such as "About Me"). Each page has a section (for sub content, such as "Why I Study Science" and "Professional Experience"). More pages and sections can be added. 
  4. Click Save beneath the page title.


  5. Scroll down. Click Section 1 to name the first section of your portfolio. 
  6. In the text box beneath the section title, type in any text you would like to add. You can also attach Artifacts (content submitted to various SIUE courses), add images, and other attachments. 
  7. Click Save beneath the section text box when you are finished or to save your draft. 

    add image and save

  8. Click the plus sign icon beneath the section text box if you want to add another section to this page.

    click plus

  9. To add another page, click the plus sign icon at the top of the left-hand table of contents.

    click plus

  10. Continue to add pages and sections, and associated text and other content, until you are finished building your portfolio.

 Share Your Portfolio

Once you have created the Portfolio, you must share it with your instructor for them to see it.

NOTE: You will be sharing a Snapshot of your portfolio. If you make any changes, you will have to create a new snapshot and share that one.

1. From the My Portfolio Page, locate your portfolio and click the More button. Select Share.

More share

2. Click the Share a Snapshop with dropdown. Select User.

Share snapshot

3. In the User Name box, type in your instructor's e-ID for example, ecougar (not the SIUE Email

4. Click the checkbox for "Send Email." Also check the box "Send copy of Message to self." This will be your proof that you sent the email.

5. Click Submit at the bottom of the page.

Edit Your Portfolio

1. To edit a portfolio draft, go back to the My Portfolios screen.

edit portfolio
2. Click Edit in bottom left corner of the portfolio box.

3. Once you have made your edits, you MUST share a new snapshot with your instructor.  If you do not, your instructor will not see the changes. See the "Share your Portfolio" section above for instructions.

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