TechSmith Relay: Video Analytics (All Users)

This document provides an overview on analytics associated with individual videos.

Analytics allow you to track the viewing of your videos. The list identifies the users that have at least started viewing the video. Note that it does not show the viewers that have not started the video. Analytics does not guarantee that the viewer watched the video, only that the video was playing. To help keep viewers engaged in the video, consider adding quiz questions. For more information about quizzing, see the knowledge base article Adding Quizzing.

To access the video's analytics:
1. Log into TechSmith Relay at
2. Navigate to the video and click on the video's thumbnail.


The Analytics page will display all viewers that have viewed the video, either in its entirety or partially.
You also have the option of downloading this data into an Excel Spreadsheet. The spreadsheet will identify each time a viewer watches a video and what percent they watched. As a faculty member, a review of this information will indicate if any students are struggling with the content and provides you with an opportunity to reach out to struggling students.
  1. A student watching a video multiple times may indicate they do not understand the content upon the first viewing.
  2. Students that do not watch the videos in the entirety are not receiving all the course information and may be at risk on exams.
  3. Students that repeated return to the video but only watch a portion of the video each time could indicate that the video is too long and should be chunked into smaller videos.
Note: The Submission Time stamp is in GMT, not local time. Subtract 5 hours during daylight savings time and 6 hours during standard time for the correct time.
Analytics for Relay

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