TechSmith Knowmia (Relay): Embedding Video into Blackboard (Faculty)

This document provides an overview on how to embed a video in TechSmith Knowmia (formerly TechSmith Relay).

For best practices with using video in Blackboard, download the Blackboard Content Type Selector for TechSmith Knowmia.

Embedding a video allows viewers to watch a video right in Blackboard Content Area. We are adding this embedded video to a Web Link rather than an Item so that students that have difficulty viewing embedded videos on a mobile device can view it directly in Knowmia.

Copy the URL from TechSmith Knowmia

1. Log into TechSmith Knowmia at

2. Navigate to the video and click on the video's thumbnail.

3. Click Share
.share image

4. Click the Copy button.

Copy link

5. Click the Close button on the window.

Create Weblink in Blackboard

1. Open a New Tab in your browser window. (Click on the + next to the tab at the top of the browser window). Go to and log in.

Navigate to the Content Area and folder for your videos.

2. Click on Build Content. Then click on Weblink in the menu.
Build Content and Web Link

3. Fill in the name of the video. Paste the URL in the URL box. (Click your mouse in the box. While holding your Ctrl key (Command key on a Mac), click the letter "V" on your keyboard).

Web Link Name and URL fields

DO NOT click submit in Blackboard yet!

Get the Video's Embed Code from Knowmia

1. Return to Knowmia's tab.

2. Click Share.

Share link

3. Then click the Embed tab. 
Get embed link

If the width of your video is more than 600 px wide, set the width to 600 px. The height will auto adjust itself. A video wider than 600 px will be difficult to view on a mobile device. 

4. Click on Copy. This will copy the embed code to your computer's clip board.

5. Click Close.

Create the Embedded Video in Blackboard

1. Return to Blackboard.

2. Click on the Source Code < > button. Note: your button may appear in a different row. 

Source Code Icon

3. A new window will open. Click in the HTML Code view window. 

4. Press "Ctrl + V" ("Command + V" on a Mac) or right click your mouse button to paste the HTML code in the box.

Source Code Box

5. Click Save at the bottom of the HTML code view window.

6. Click Submit at the bottom of the Create Item page in Blackboard.

Now your students will be able to watch the video directly in Blackboard (embedded video) or click on the link to go to Knowmia to watch the video.

Embedded Knowmia Video and Link

Remember as a best practice, you will need to caption the video and add the transcript to the course.

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