TechSmith Relay: Record Video Using Relay (All Users)

This document provides an overview on how to record a video using Relay's built-in recorder.

TechSmith Relay has a built-in video recorder for capturing desktop or webcam video. Unlike using Zoom to record a lecture, Relay records only the desktop OR the webcam, not both. However, recording with Relay, your video will automatically be added to "My Library." ITS-IDLT still recommends using Zoom so that you can have the video constant over a PowerPoint presentation.

Log into TechSmith Relay at

Launch Recorder

The first time you record on your computer, you will have to download and install the recorder.
1. Click on Launch Recorder in the upper left corner of the screen.

Launch recorder

If this is the first time you are using Relay, you will need to download the recorder.

2. A window will pop up. Click the Download button.

Download recorder

3. Depending on your computer and browser, you with either be prompted to save, or the file will automatically be added to your Downloads folder. On a PC with Mozilla Firefox, a window will pop up. Click the Save File button.

Save File

The file will save to your Downloads folder or a folder you have designated. Navigate to that folder and double click on the file.

4. Another window will pop up. (It may pop up behind another window currently open.) Click OK.

Installation Successful. Click OK.

5. Return to your browser and click the Relaunch button.

Relaunch the Recorder

6. Click the TechSmith Relay Recorder in the window. Check the "Remember my choice" box. Click Open Link button. (Note: This step may not be necessary on all systems.)

Open link to TechSmith Relay Recorder

The Recorder window will open.

Set Up for Recording

1. From the Screen area selection drop-down box, select Region (only a part of  your screen) or Full Screen (your entire desktop).
Select Region of you have other windows open (e.g., for notes) or if you have pop-up notification (e.g. email) that you don't want to record.
Select Full Screen if you play your PowerPoint in Show mode, or if you want to change between programs during the recording.

Select screen area

2. From the Record Microphone drop-down menu, make sure that your Microphone is selected. If you have more than one mic listed, select the mic you will be using. If you are using a desktop or headset microphone, select that mic over the webcam mic.


3. The Webcam will default to off. Relay will display full screen web cam or full screen. It does not display picture in picture that way Zoom does. You can start recording with the webcam as you introduce yourself and then switch off  the Webcam. That will then display the computer screen. If you don't want to use the webcam, skip down to step 4.
To turn on the Webcam, click the "Off" link.


Select the Web cam by clicking on the square.

Select web cam

4. Record system is the computer audio. If you are playing a video or audio within your recording, click the button. If you have audio notifications, e.g., email "ding," keep this option off.
Record Cursor will record the pointer arrow on your screen. If you use your pointer to identify parts of the screen, leave this on. If you are just presenting a PowerPoint and you think the cursor will be a distraction, turn this off.

Record system audio and record cursor

5. Click the Record button when ready. This will not actually start the recording, but will get your ready to set up.  A yellow box will highlight your screen if you selected Full Screen. If you selected Region, a yellow cross arrows will appear. Click and hold your mouse in the upper left corner of the region you wish to record. Drag the box to the lower right corner of the region you want to record and release your mouse button. This is the region that will record.
drag record box

You are ready to record. Note that you can reposition the browser/software window behind the recording region. You can also change between software during the recording (switch from PowerPoint to a web browser).  You cannot change the shape of the recording region.

Record the Video

If you have chosen to have the web cam on, the web cam footage will fill your record region or full screen. Towards the bottom is the record menu.

record menu

Click the Red dot to begin the recording
Click the web cam icon to turn off or on the web cam.
Click the microphone to mute or unmute the mic.
Click the X to cancel the recording.

1. When you are ready to record, click the red dot.

The screen will give you a countdown. Begin your presentation.
 countdown to record

2. When you are finished recording, click the black square in the record menu.

3. A preview menu will open. Preview your video and click Upload when you are satisfied. Click Cancel to delete the recording. Note: if you click Cancel by mistake, you cannot retrieve the video.
 Preview video

4. Once your video is completed, a window will pop up. Click Go to Video.
Note: The longer the length of the video
, the longer it will take to upload.

Go to video

5. Once the video is uploaded, the Edit Details window will open.
Create a title and description for the video.
Select the Location. "My Library" is the default.

6. Click Save.

Edit details

It is a best practice to add videos folders based on class or topic. If you did not create a folder, add the video to My Library and you can return to My Library to create a folder and move the video.

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