Zoom (Faculty) - Using Waiting Rooms in Zoom

This document provides an overview of how to use the waiting room in Zoom.

Access Settings

To access your settings, log into Zoom from a web browser. From Personal, click on Settings.


Waiting Room Settings

Enable "Waiting room" will force your participants to be approved by you before being admitted into the meeting. If your Zoom meeting is for a class, enable the "Users not in your account." Then anyone logging in with an SIUE e-ID and password will automatically be added. Non-SIUE users will be placed in the waiting room where you can determine their status. This option can be used for Non-SIUE guests in lieu of a password.

waiting room

When you have the Waiting Room enabled, a pop-up will appear announcing guests are in the waiting room. If you recognize the name, click Admit, otherwise, click on the button See Waiting Room.

Admit users

waiting room

The waiting room will also appear in the Participant's Panel, listed above those already in the meeting.

Users will receive this message notifying the waiting room.

user meeting room

In the Participant's Panel, hover your mouse over the name and click Admit, or Remove. Once removed, the user will not be able to long into the meeting.

Admit or remove user

Enabling the waiting room can also be done once you are in a Zoom meeting, by clicking on the Security tab.

Enable waiting room

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