Blackboard (Faculty) - Tests, Surveys, and Pools: Ignore Attempt

This document describes how to ignore an attempt on a Blackboard test.
  1. Click Grade Center in the left-hand course menu.

  2. Then click Full Grade Center.

    screen shot with  full grade center circled in red

  3. Go to the Grade Center column for the assessment and find the student's grading cell (it will either display a score if the assessment was submitted and auto-graded or a yellow exclamation icon if it was submitted and not graded). 

  4. Click the circular drop-down button to the right of the score/yellow exclamation icon.

    screen shot of drop-town arrow circled in red

  5. Choose View Grade Details from the drop-down menu.
    view grade details option on dropdown menu

  6. Click the Ignore Attempt button.
     screen shot of view grade details circled in red


  • Ignoring the attempt will allow the student to take the assessment again, preserving a copy of the student's original submission. 
  • Clearing the attempt also allows the student to retake the assessment, but this option deletes the student's original submission.
  • After the instructor ignores the attempt, the student can retake the assessment from the beginning. If questions are randomized or pulled from a larger test pool, the student may see a different assessment the second time they take it. 

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