Zoom: Webinar Roles and Responsibilities

This article discusses who is responsible for specific duties in a Zoom webinar.

Zoom Admin will:

  • schedule the webinar
  • provide you with the registration or meeting link
  • provide you with registration counts
  • make any webinar settings changes (adding/removing panelists, turning on/off Q&A, adding poll questions, etc.)
  • resend panelist and host invitations
  • host a practice webinar to show hosts how to use webinar features/moderate
  • provide resources and best practices guides for running webinars
  • provide the meeting recording, and attendee/poll/chat/Q&A reports

Optional Support (Not available after business hours M-F 8am-5pm):

  • join your webinar 15 minutes before kickoff to answer any questions and stay to be sure kickoff happens successfully (as needed)
  • leave the webinar once it's started

Alternative Host (Moderator) will:

  • start and end the webinar
  • have a working microphone (webcam optional)
  • present the webinar intro slide detailing how the audience should communicate during the webinar
  • watch for/manage raised hands (i.e. "[host name], [participant name] has a question. (Click Allow to Speak - Click Lower Hand).  [participant name], please un-mute your microphone to ask your question.)
  • watch and manage chat box (i.e. this is usually just watching for questions that should be in the Q&A)
  • promote participants to panelist/promote panelists to co-host as needed (i.e. participants can't show their webcam.  Sometimes there is a participant who is best suited to present something or answer a question - they would need to be promoted to panelist or co-host to do that)
  • Mute/Un-mute people as needed and turn on/off webcams as needed (if the panelist is struggling with the technology)
  • Set up live stream (if applicable)
  • Manage turning on/off recording (if automatic recording is not already turned on)


Who are your Panelists? Invite your guest speakers or presenters as Panelists. Panelists are allowed to use their microphone and webcam as well as share content. Panelists also have access to view and manage the Q&A or chat during your event. Zoom supports up to 100 panelists on any webinar and they can all be on video.

Hosts/Panelists will:

  • have a working microphone and webcam
  • present the content
  • share their screens (if applicable)
  • moderate the Q&A

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