Blackboard (Faculty) - Attendance: Add a Previous Date

This document provides an overview of how to add a past day to the Attendance.
The Attendance tool does not have an "add Date" button, but you can go and change the date of an existing attendance record to reflect the date.
For example, if you have a Tuesday/Thursday class and you forgot to fill out the attendance yesterday. Today is Friday, so you can go into Attendance and change today's attendance column to yesterday's date.  Also, change today's column for a date in the future. You cannot add columns to set up your attendance schedule ahead of time.
  1. From within your Blackboard course, from the Control Panel, click on Course Tools. Then click Attendance.

  2. You will land on Today's Attendance day. In the upper right corner, toggle from Meeting to Overall.

    click overall toggle

  3. Click on Today's column heading. Select Edit Meeting.

    edit meeting

  4. Select the date. This date can also be in the future.

    select date.

    Enter the attendance records for the students.

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