TechSmith Knowmia (Relay): Upload Video from Zoom Cloud

This document provides an overview of how to download the captions from a video in TechSmith Knowmia (formerly Relay).

When you record to the Zoom Cloud, your recording will automatically be uploaded to your TechSmith Knowmia account. The video may take several minutes to an hour for it to upload to Knowmia depending on the length and size of your video. You do not have to delete the recording from the Zoom Cloud as it will automatically delete in 60 days. If you decide to delete it wait until you verify that the recording has uploaded to Knowmia and there are no issues with the recording.

Record to the Zoom Cloud

Click the plus sign below to expand the menus for directions.

  • Record to the  Zoom Cloud
    • NOTE: All Zoom Cloud recordings will automatically upload to your TechSmith Knowmia account. You do not have to upload it. Once it is successfully uploaded, you do not have to delete the Cloud recording. It will automatically delete in 60 days.

      1. Start Zoom and locate the menu at the bottom the window.

        zoom menu

      2. If you want to record a PowerPoint presentation or actions on your computer, click the Share Screen button.

        share screen button

      3. This will bring up a new window asking to select a window or application to share. Select the one that represents what you want in the background on your recording. If you want the sound from your computer to be shared (ex: audio from a YouTube video), select Share computer sound. Click the blue Share Screen button. 
        (NOTE: The Zoom menu moves to the top of the screen when you click Share Screen.)

        select window or application

      4. To begin recording, click the More command and then click Record to the Cloud. A blinking red dot will appear near the Stop Share button indicating you are being recorded. Continue with the meeting or presentation. 

        Select More -> Record to the Cloud

      5. To end recording, click the More command and then click Stop Recording. (NOTE: If you have not shared your screen, the Stop Recording button will be at the bottom of the Zoom window.)

      6. To end recording, click the More command and then click End Meeting. (NOTE: If you have not shared your screen, the End Meeting button will be at the bottom of the Zoom window.)

        end meeting

      7. In the popup window, click the End Meeting for All button.

        end meeting for all

      8. A notification will appear in the upper right corner of your screen stating "You will get an email notification when the cloud recording is ready."

        Notification:  You will get an email notificaiton when the cloud recording is ready.

        NOTE: Please allow up to 24 hours for your recording to process and arrive in your inbox. If you need your video to be available immediately, use the local recording option as an alternative. 

      9. When your recording is ready, a message will appear in your inbox with the subject line “Your Media is Ready”. SelecView Media. This will take you to TechSmith Knowmiawhere your video has been automatically uploaded.

        View media

      10. Find out more about Knowmia with this self-paced training course.

You will receive an email when your video has processed in the Zoom Cloud. It may take a little longer to process in Knowmia. Once you have received the email from Knowmia, log into Knowmia.

Knowmia email

In TechSmith Knowmia

1. Log into Knowmia at using your SIUE e-ID and password.

2. Locate the Zoom Recordings folder and click on the folder to open it.

Knowmia Zoom Recordings folder

3. Your Zoom Recording will be named the same as the Zoom Room.

Zoom Video

Move the Video

1. To move the video into another folder, click on the cog in the lower right corner of the thumbnail.

settings cog on thumbnail

2. Select Move from the menu.


3. Select the folder to which you wish to move the video. Click Move.

select folder

4. The video will be located in the new folder.

Edit the Name of the Video

You may wish to edit the name of the video to better represent what the video is about.

1. Navigate to the folder with the video.

2. Click on the thumbnail of the video.

3. Click on Edit in the menu bar next to the title.

Edit button

4. Rename the video to better represent the topic.

Click Save when  you have finished.

add name

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