Websafe VPN error message

This document provides an overview of removing and reinstalling the Pulse Secure Application Launcher software for VPN access.

Issue: Websafe VPN is displaying error messages.

Environment: Windows computers
Please follow the below steps to remove and reinstall the Pulse Secure applications on your Windows computer.
  1. Search to open the Add or remove programs settings panel.

    search for add remove programs
  2. Type Pulse in the search box to find all installed Pulse applications. Click on each application and Uninstall all Pulse applications currently installed.

    add remove pulse
  3. Please repeat the above steps so ALL Pulse applications are removed and your search for Pulse should be blank like pictured below.

    add remove pulse removed
  4. Download the updated Windows 10 Pulse Secure Application Launcher installer. Click Save File to download to your computer.

    >download and save file
  5. Open the Downloads folder in Windows Explorer and double click PulseSecureAppLauncher.msi to install.

    pulse app launcher download
  6. You may be prompted as below. Please click the More Info option.  Please note that this screen may not appear depending on your computers settings.  If this box does not appear, move on to Step 8.

    smartscreen more info
  7. You should now see a window like below. Verify the App: PulseSecureAppLauncher.msi and Publisher: Pulse Secure, LLC match the picture below and then click the Run Anyway button. Do not click the Run anyway if these do not match and please contact the ITS Helpdesk at help@siue.edu or 618-650-5500.

    smartscreen run anyway
  8. You should now see the message Pulse Secure Application Launcher has been installed successfully. Click OK to continue.

    app launcher installed successfully
  9. You should now be ready to login to https://websafe.siue.edu/

  10. If you continue to have problems or error messages please contact the ITS Helpdesk at help@siue.edu or 618-650-5500.

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