Microsoft Outlook: How to clear a full OST

This document provides instructions on clearing a full OST when users receive an error about being full.

1. Go to "File" in the upper left corner 

File location

2. Choose "Account settings" and then choose "Account Settings" again in the drop down menu

Account settings

3. Select your eID and click "Change"

eID/Change Location

4. Here is where you can set how much data is stored locally. This will likely need to be a lower number. *the recommended time would be 3-6 months*

Cache email settings

5. After changing the downloaded email settings, click on "More settings"

More settings location

6. Click "Advanced"

Advanced location 

7. Uncheck the box for "Download Shared Folders" and then click "OK"

Uncheck location

8. Click "Next", and on the following page click Done.

Settings - Next

9. Click "Close"

Close button

10. Close Outlook and wait 1 minute.

11. Through file explorer, go to C:\Users\*your eID*\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Outlook

11a. From here you will see 2 Outlook Data files with your eID, delete them both

11: File path

14. Open Outlook. *Outlook will run slow for a while, about 2 hours depending on how much Outlook has to download again*

Note: The files deleted in step 11a were emails saved on your computer, these are backup emails from the server. This is only to speed up the processing of your emails, since its on your computer it will be faster then trying to pull it from the server all the time.   It will re-sync them with the server and download only those for the time frame you set in Step #4. 

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