e-ID Added status

First you will go to the e-ID creation and Maintenance page at siue.edu/eid (you can use forward or back slash). Select I want to get an e-ID and click continue: 

e-ID creation and maintenance main page

1st Page) You will enter your information fully into all the fields. Make sure to click continue on each page. (Clicking Reset will make you start over. User will continue through every page). (If you get errors please try leaving out your middle initial).

I want to get an e-ID information fields

2th Page) Then you will create a secret phrase and a clue for your phrase. This is only used if you forget your password and want to change it online. 

secret phrase and clue page

3th Page) The next page is the User Agreement page. You can read through the agreement, select agree and continue to the next page. 

Acceptable Usage Agreement

4th Page) The last page will provide you with your e-ID and a new password for your account. After the user receives their e-ID and password we advise users to sign up for e-lerts. E-lerts let users reset their password with a text, and also send users text if there is a campus closure or emergency event on campus.

e-ID and password are being created

e-ID and password page

After users get their e-id and password they can then enter the key code with the instructions in the email. It will have them go back to the e-ID creation and maintenance page and select "I received my key code and I need to preserve my e-ID". They will then enter their e-ID, password, and they key code. 


  • Users can update their password immediately using the "I know what my password is and I want to change it" option
  • If you reset someone's password in person it will be all lowercase letters and numbers, but if they go through the I want to get an e-ID process it will randomly generate upper and lowercase letters and numbers (no special characters)

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