Blackboard (Faculty) - Grade Center: Enter a Grade

This document provides an overview of entering grades in the Grade Center.

NOTE: You will only be able to enter grades directly to the Grade Center on columns that you have created. (see Create a Column). These should be assessments that have been completed outside of the Blackboard environment. For example, in-class assignments, attendance, in-class tests, etc. Columns that have been added from an assessment, such as a Blackboard Assignment, Turnitin, or Blackboard Test, should be graded through the assessment link. See below for more information.

To access the Grade Center,

  1. From the Control Panel, click on Grade Center.

  2. Click on Full Grade Center.

  3. Identify the cell for the assessment and student.

  4. Click once in the cell. Make sure that the cursor is blinking in the box. If it is not, click a second time. 

  5. Type in the score or percentage in the cell:.
    NOTE: If the column is set to display "Score" type in the number of points the student has received for the assessment. If the column is set to display "Percentage" type in the percentage of the score that the student has received. For example, if an assessment is worth 50 points and the student has received 45 point, if the column is set to display "Score," you would type in 45 points. If the column is set to display percentage, you would type in 90. (45 points is 90% of the total 50 points):

    All three columns are worth 50 points
    The student scored 45 points out of 50 for each.

    Enter Grades
    Quiz 1 is set to display score. You would type in "45" points for the score.
    Quiz 2 is set to display percentage. You would type in "90"  (45 points out of 50 = 90%). Typing 45 would indicate the student received 45% of the 50 points.
    Quiz 3 is set to display letter grade. You would type "45" points and the column, using the designated Grading Schema, would determine that the 45 out of 50 points is an A. (See more on Grading Schema)

  6. Click the Enter key on your keyboard to activate the next cell down.

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