Blackboard (Faculty) - Wikis: Create a Wiki

This document provides an overview of how to create a wiki to deploy in the course.
  1. Navigate to the Control Panel and click Course Tools, then click Wikis.

  2. Click the Create Wiki button.

  3. Enter a name in the "Name" box and instructions.

  4. Set date and time restrictions as desired.

  5. Set the options for wiki participation.
    1. Closed to Editing - Choose this option if you do not want the students to edit the wiki.
    2. Open to Editing - Choose this option if you want the students to contribute to the wiki.
    3. Closed to Commenting - Does not allow comments on the wiki
    4. Open to Commenting - Allows students to comment on the wiki

  6. In the "Wiki Settings", set the number of points possible if this will be a graded activity.  You can also select a rubric from the "Add Rubric" button and allow it to set the maximum points possible.

  7. Optionally, select the check box and the number of page saves to show participants in "needs grading" status. This setting will show the yellow exclamation mark in the Grade Center after the number of saves selected. (NOTE: If you choose 3 page saves and the students only has 2, it will show the blue pie chart (in-progress icon) in the Grade Center)

    Screenshot of the Wiki Settings
  8. Click Submit.

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