ITS Networking - Connect a Chromebook to eduroam.

This document provides an overview of how to connect a Chromebook to eduroam.

To Set Up Eduroam on a Chromebook

  1. Connect to the Welcome To SIUE wireless network.
  2. Open the browser and browse to
  3. Click the Configure Your Device to use eduroam link.
        Note: If this page does not appear automatically, the browser does not think this page is secure. To fix this, remove          the first "s" in the address bar, so that it reads http://..... , not https://.....
  4. From the drop down menu, make sure Inline Install is selected and then click the Install button (if it asks you to install the 'JoinNow MultiOS' application do so)
  5. Enter in your full email address for the Username and your password then click the Download button.
  6. A new tab will open on the browser, go to that tab and in the "Import ONC file" section, click the Choose File button and then select the SecureW2.onc file and click Open (it will appear as if nothing happened). (This may save the file as a .css, the file can be edited and resaved as a .onc file)
  7. Click on the Wifi symbol in the bottom right and then click where it says Connected to Welcome to SIUE then select eduroam.
  8. On the "Join Wi-Fi Network window that opens, enter your full email address in the "Identity" field and do not change any other fields, then click Connect.
  9. It may take a few seconds, but it will then connect to the eduroam network.

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