Upload Video to the Streaming Server (Faculty)

This document provides an overview of how to upload your videos to the SIUE Streaming Media Server.

Upload Videos from the SIUE Streaming Media Server

To have your videos uploaded to the Streaming Media Server, contact the ITS Help Desk at 618-650-5500 or email itsmultimedia@siue.edu. Production Services personnel will contact you to make arrangements to received your video files. Please note that Production Services follows copyright laws for non-original work. It is the responsibility of the faculty to obtain copyright permission in writing (via email, digital, or paper copy) and provide that to Production Services before any work can begin. When your videos have been streamed, you will receive an email with the web links and other information for using them in your course. 

Link to video:
If you are going to link to the video, copy the URL from the email. Look for the URL that begins with https://streaming.siue.edu/player/. If you only have the embed code in your email, look for the link that begins with https:// and end with letters and numbers. Do not include the parentheses " " in the link.
Follow the instructions below to link to the video in Blackboard.

Embedding Video:
Embed codes let you insert the video directly into the course; students can watch the video on-screen rather than clicking a link to open in a new window. This is what embed code will look like:

<iframe src="https://streaming.siue.edu/player/ho5YjQ6ReGq5" width="640" height="480" scrolling="no" frameborder="0"></iframe>

If you choose to use the embed code, you will need to copy it from the email sent by Production Services. Follow the instructions below to embed the video into Blackboard.

  •  Link or Embed Video in Blackboard
    • Link Videos with a Web Link (Web page)

      1. Copy the URL or hyperlink from OneDrive, Office 365 Video, or your email.
      2. Return to your course in Blackboard.
      3. From within the the content area (Coursework, About this Course) or from within a folder (Week 1) click Build Content on the toolbar.
      4. Click Web Link. Do not select the Video option. Students have reported issues with this option.

        Add Web Link

      5. Give the item a name. Consider stating the name with "Video:" or "Lecture" so your students know they will be viewing a video.
      6. Paste the URL into the URL box.

        Add Name and URL

      7. Click Submit at the top or the bottom of the page.  

      Embedding Videos

      1. This is what embed code will look like. It will begin with <iframe src=http:// and end with </iframe>

        <iframe src="http://streaming.siue.edu/player/ho5YjQ6ReGq5" width="640" height="480" scrolling="no" frameborder="0"></iframe>

      2. From OneDrive, Office 365 Video, or your email, copy the entire code. Make sure that you include the brackets < and >.
      3. From within the the content area (Coursework, About this Course) or from within a folder (Week 1) click Build Content on the tool bar.
      4. Click Item.

        Add Item

      5. Give the item a name. Consider including the title "Video". This will identify to the students that this is a video vs. an article to read.
      6. In the text box, click on the HTML button in the third row of buttons.

        Click HTML button

      7. Paste the Embed code from your email in the window that pops-up. If there is other text there, paste the embed code after the text.

        Paste Embed code

      8. IMPORTANT: add an S after the http in the embed code. The code should read src="https://streaming.siue.edu....."
        If you fail to do this step, the video will not work.

        add an S to the http

      9. Click Update in the window.
      10. Click Submit at the top or the bottom of the page. 

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