Blackboard (Faculty) - Achievements: Create a Badge or Certificate

This document provides an overview of how to create an achievement.
  1. From the Control Pane, click on Course Tools.

  2. Click on Achievements

  3. Click on the Create Achievement.

    There are 3 types of Achievements:
    1. Course Completion: awarded for completing a course. The certificate award is required. A badge is optional.
    2. Milestone: awarded for a completion of a unit or module. This award can only be a badge.
    3. Custom: the reward can be a badge, certificate or both.
  4. In the Create Achievement box, name the achievement.

    Name the achievement

  5. For the Achievement Location, click the Browse button. Select a location in the course where this achievement will appear. If this is a badge for the completion of a unit or module, place the achievement at the end of the unit or module. If this is a certificate or badge for the completion of a course, place the achievement after the last unit or module.

  6. Optional: Add a description.

  7. Click the Define Triggers button at the top or bottom of the page.

    Define triggers

  8. Rule Name: Add a name for the rule or accept the default "Rule 1."

  9. Optional Date: to force the completion of this achievement after a specific date, check the box and select the date and time by which the achievement will be completed. If no date is selected, the achievement can be completed at any time.

  10. Membership: If this achievement is intended for a specific group, select the username or course group. If left blank, this achievement will be for the entire enrollment of the course.

  11. Grade: Identify a specific grade that must be reached to receive this achievement.
    In the example below, the user must reach 75% or higher on the total grade for the course to receive this achievement.
    The grade column to trigger this achievement is the Total Grades column worth 650 total possible points.
    The selected condition is that the student must have 75% or greater in the Total Grades column to receive this achievement.


  12. Optional Review Status: Force the user to review specific content to receive this achievement. Click on the Browse button. A new window will pop up. Select the item, test, assignment, etc. to be reviewed. Click the Add button to add additional items to be reviewed.

  13. Click the Select Reward button to continue.

    select reward

  14. Issuer Name: type in your name, or your department name. This is the person or group issuing the certificate or badge.

  15. Optional Expiration Date: Set an option expiration date of the award or "Valid for" days. When setting a validity time period, the expiry for an individual is calculated from the day the achievement is reached and the user is notified.

  16. Reward Options:
    1. Course Completion: The certificate award is required. A badge is optional.
    2. Milestone: This award can only be a badge.
    3. Custom: The reward can be a badge, certificate or both.
  17. Certificate:  Click on the Certificate to select the type. Click the Preview Certificate button to see a sample of the certification. The Certificates can be viewed online or printed as an 8" X 10" certificate.


  18. Badge image: Click on the badge image.  Custom badges can be uploaded by clicking the Browse My Computer button and uploading your image.


  19. Click the Save and Exit button to complete. You will return to the Achievements page. The achievement will be placed in the Content Area or folder you designated.

    icon for achievement

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