Office 365 Outlook Web App - How to share a calendar with specific people in Office 365.

This document provides an overview of how to share a calendar with someone else in Office 365.

You can share your Office 365 calendar so other users can view your appointments and meetings by following these steps:

1) Go to and log in using their SIUE email address
                      and password.

screen shot of SIUE Office 365 login page

                  2) Click on the Calendar tile to go to your calendar.

screen shot of the tiles in Office 365

                  3) On the left hand side you will see a calendar for the current month.  Underneath that is
                      a section that says 'My calendars'.  Click on the down arrow next to it to expand if necessary.

screenshot showing the Calendars menu

                  4) Right click on the calendar that you wish to share and select 'Share calendar'. If you
                      needs to create a new calendar to share, click on the + sign next to My calendars and assign it
                      a name.

screen shot showing the option to share a calendar

                  5) Type in the SIUE email address of the person you want to share the calendar with and then
                      click on their name when it comes up.  This will add their name to the list.  Please note that if
                      you want to share with more than one person, you will have to type each persons name

screen shot showing the list that appears when typing in email addresses to share a calendar

                  6) Set the Subject line to whatever you wish and verify that the correct calendar name is
                      appearing in the Calendar drop down menu.

screen shot showing the Subject line and calendar name options when sharing a calendar

                  7) Click send to send the share request to the person(s) you had selected.

screen shot highlighting the Send button to send the share calendar request

                  8) The share request recipient will receive an email with the share request.  They will have to
                      click on the 'Accept' button to accept the request.

screen shot highlighting the Accept button the recipient of the share request will have to click

                  9) The person will then be able to view your calendar by going to their Calendar tab in Office 365. 
                      The shared calendar will appear under the category 'Other calendars'

screen shot showing the Other calendars menu

                10) Click on the shared calendar to highlight it, and the events from that calendar will now appear
                      on the large display calendar.

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