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This is an overview of options for student poster printing.
Student Poster Printing Information

Poster Sizing

Our printer will only print 42 inches wide.  Please keep the one dimension 42 inches or less.  Ask your conference organizers, department or instructor for poster size requirements. 


Template for 24"x36" poster - Poster-Template-24x36.pptx - Click link to download - Cost $13.00

Template for 36"x42" poster - Poster-Template-36x42.pptx - Click link to download - Cost $19.00

Template for 36"x48" poster - Poster-Template-36x48.pptx - Click link to download - Cost $25.00

Template for 42"x42" poster - Poster-Template-42x42.pptx - Click link to download - Cost $25.00

Template for 36"x56" poster - Poster-Template-36x56.pptx - Click link to download - Cost $31.00

Template for 42"x56" poster - Poster-Template-42x56.pptx - Click link to download - Cost $31.00

The cost depends on the dimensions (see below).  If there are mistakes on the poster that you did not notice prior to printing, you will have to pay for any additional poster printing.  Please make sure to proof your poster prior to sending it in for printing.  The cost of the poster can be made with a credit or debit card, we do not accept checks or cougar cards.

1ft x 42 inches = $8.00
2ft x 42 inches = $13.00
3ft x 42 inches = $19.00
4ft x 42 inches = $25.00
5ft x 42 inches = $31.00
6ft x 42 inches = $37.00

Recommended Font Size for average size poster of 36"x48"

We recommend at least 24pt for text and at least 36pt for headings, but use larger sizes if you need your text to be read from farther away.  You should make sure text, images,charts of your poster look legible and sharp when zoomed in 100%. 

Submission Information

Please submit your print ready poster to as an attachment.  NO LINKS!

Print ready - meaning your poster is sized according to project guidelines, spelling and grammar errors have been corrected, and images have a high enough resolution.

Please specify in the email what your poster is for, for example, (Senior Assignment Showcase, Senior Assignment, Grad Symposium, Capstone, URCA presentations, DNP, Undergraduate Scholars Showcase, Pharmacy, Conference)

Please allow 2-3 business days for printing.  It is best to get the poster submitted early to ensure the poster will be printed on time, as we are working on other faculty and campus projects.  We can’t stress enough, DO NOT wait until the last minute.

We accept posters made in Adobe Acrobat, PowerPoint, or Microsoft Publisher.

PowerPoint and Publisher Posters - Please keep in mind when submitting posters created using a Mac, the formatting and fonts may be different when we open them up on our Windows computer.  If you are wanting to keep the same formatting and fonts used on your Mac, it is recommended that you save your poster as a PDF.

If you have any other questions please email

Pick-up Information

When the poster is complete, we will send an email to you with the cost and location to pick up the poster. Our office is located in the basement of Lovejoy Library, room 0005.  Our office hours are Monday through Thursday 8:00am-5:30pm and Friday 8:00am - 4:30pm.  Break week hours may vary.  If you are unable to pick up your poster during these hours, please specify who will be picking up your poster. 


Payment Information

Credit or debit cards accepted as payment. Checks and cougar cards are not accepted. Budget Purpose number is needed if department representative is paying for the poster.


Tri-Fold Boards

Tri-fold boards can be purchased at Walmart, Hobby Lobby, and Office Max.

Walmart sells Tri-fold Project Display Boards 36”x48” - Walmart.

Hobby Lobby also has the White Project Display Tri-fold boards  - Hobby Lobby

OfficeMax has the Tri-fold Project Board - Office Max


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