Blackboard (Faculty) - Using the Zoom Meeting LTI

This document provides an overview of how to use the Zoom Meeting LTI within Blackboard to create, view, and manage Zoom meetings.

The Zoom Session a way for you to set up Zoom meetings within Blackboard without having to log into Zoom first. 

1. Add the Zoom Meeting tool to a Content Area or the Course Menu or simply click the Zoom Meeting link that is default in the left navigation.

If you had to create a link, click on the Zoom Meeting Link you created.

2a. If this is an existing meeting, click on the Topic title.

topic title

2b. If you have not created a Meeting Room, click on Schedule a New Meeting button.

Schedule Meeting button

Name your meeting room and enter an optional description.

Topic and description box.


Set the date, time, duration, and confirm your time zone.


date, time and duration

If this is to be a recurring meeting, for example, weekly office hours, click the "Recurring Meeting" box and set the days and time for the recurring meeting.

Set the remaining settings as desired. Considering keeping the Participant's video off so as not to have unwanted video. Your student can turn on their video.

Allow both, Telephone and Computer audio. Telephone allows users to listen to the meeting if they are not able to get the computer audio to work or are not using a computer.

Schedule Meeting button

Meeting Options: 

Password: Since this is being accessed through Blackboard, you should not need a password.

Allow participants to join anytime: Allowing students to join before you might encourage unwanted discussions between students. If you uncheck this box, consider joining 15 minutes or so before the scheduled time to allow conversations with you present.

Mute upon entry: When you mute participants upon entry, users will be muted so there will not be unwanted conversations and people trying to talk over each other.

Require authentication: Users are already authenticated through Blackboard so this is not necessary. Using this setting will help students to join the meeting with their SIUE Licensed Zoom account. This is helpful if you are using Breakout Rooms or Polls.

Record Meeting: This setting is useful if you tend to forget to record.

Click Save at the bottom of the page.

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