Blackboard (Faculty) - Using the Zoom Session Tool

This document provides an overview of how to use the Zoom Session tool within Blackboard to create, view, and manage Zoom meetings.

The Zoom Session tool is used for students to see all upcoming Zoom meetings for their Blackboard course.

Click the plus sign below to expand the menus for directions.

  • Step 1 - Add the Zoom Session Tool to a Course
    • Add the Zoom Session tool to the Course Menu:

      1. Click on the + sign in the top-left corner of your course menu and select Tool Link.

        Select the + and Tool LInk

      2. Choose Zoom Session from the drop-down menu, name the link (suggestions:  Zoom Meetings, Zoom Sessions, Online Meetings), and check the box to make the tool link Available to Users.  Then click on Submit.

        Choose Zoom Session, name the link, and check the box to make it Available to Users

      3. Once created, the link will appear at the bottom of the course menu. Drag and drop the link in the location you would like it to appear on your course menu. If you cannot drag and drop, see this workaround for manually reordering menu items.
    • Add the Zoom Session tool to a Content Area:

      1. Go to the content area in your Blackboard course where you want your link to appear (ex: Coursework, About this Course, Week 1 folder)

      2. Click Tools on the toolbar. 

      3. Click More Tools and select Zoom Session from the drop-down menu.

      4. Click Tools -> More Tools and select Zoom Session

      5. Give the tool link a name and add any additional information, such as instructions or supplemental resources, in the description area.

        Name and Describe the Zoom Tool Link

      6. Choose the display options for the Zoom tool link (Tip: It is recommended to set both Available and Track Number of Views to Yes. If you want to restrict access to some of the Zoom meetings, this can be done in the scheduling settings.)

        Select Yes for Available and for Track Number of Views

      7. Click the Submit button at the top or bottom of the page. 

  • Step 2 - Sign into Zoom and Schedule a Meeting
      1. Click the Zoom Session tool link. This will either be in the Course Menu or in a Content Area depending on where you added the link. (Note:  If you have not added the Zoom Session tool link, view the following articles to add the Zoom Session tool link to a Content Area or to the Course Menu.) If you are not signed into Zoom, you will be prompted to Click here to sign in Zoom to be directed to the SIUE Zoom sign in page.

        Zoom Session Tool Sign In Link

      2. Enter your SIUE credentials, and click LOGIN. Then refresh the Zoom page using the Click here to refresh the page after sign in Zoom link.

        Refresh Page

      3. Zoom will open within Blackboard. Click on Schedule a Meeting, choose the desired meeting settings, and click Save at the bottom.

        Schedule a Meeting

      4. Under the Upcoming Meetings tab, you will see any upcoming meetings you have scheduled (regardless of the course they are scheduled for).

  • Step 3 - View and Start a Zoom Meeting
    • After a meeting has been scheduled, it will be visible under the Upcoming Meetings tab.  To begin the scheduled meeting, click Start.

      Upcoming Meetings tab

***NOTE:  When faculty access the Zoom Session tool, they will see all of their scheduled meetings from their Zoom account. When students access the Zoom Session tool, they will see only the meetings that were scheduled from that particular course within the Zoom Session tool.

If team-teaching a course, faculty will not see any meetings scheduled by the co-instructor. However, students will see all meetings scheduled from the course, regardless of which faculty scheduled the meetings.  

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