Blackboard (Faculty & Students) - Discussion Board: Quote Another Discussion Participant

This document describes how to use the Quote button on Blackboard's Discussion Board.
  1. Go to the class discussion board and click on the forum title (e.g. Class Introductions or Week 1 Reading Response).

    class discussion board

  2. Inside the forum, click the title of the thread you want to reply to. 

    select thread

  3. Click the Quote button at the bottom of the reply window.


  4. A reply window will appear with the original author's material quoted beneath. Type your reply in the space above the quote and then click Submit

    text editor and submit

    Note: If you don't see the Quote button, try hovering your mouse to the right of the Reply button. If you still don't see it, your professor might have disabled this feature. You can ask if it can be enabled.

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