PowerPoint (All Users) - I cannot see parts of a PowerPoint presentation

If a PowerPoint file seems to be blocking certain media elements - for example, a black box is showing where a video should be playing - follow the steps below to show/play the hidden content.
  1. Close the PowerPoint file.

  2. Open it again. This time, when it first opens, watch for a Security Alert window. On this window, choose to Enable external content for this session.

  3. Click OK.

    Microsoft Security Alert pop-up

  4. With "external content" enabled, you should now be able to see videos, gifs, or other media embedded in the PowerPoint.

  5. Additional guidance for Microsoft Office and blocked external content is available. 
If this doesn't fix the problem, please call ITS at 618-650-5500 or send a copy of the file and a message describing the issue to help@siue.edu

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