Blackboard (Faculty) - Evaluation: Run Course Report to Show Student Access

This document describes how to run a course report on student access in Blackboard.
  1. Go to the Control Panel in your course.

  2. Click to expand the Evaluation section.

  3. Click Course Reports.

    screen snip of drop-down arrow and run circled in red

  4. For an overview of how much time students are spending in the course, choose the Course Activity Overview report. The report will give an average time each student has spent in the course over the time frame you specify. 
  5. To a more detailed view of a specific student's course access, choose the Student Overview for Single Course. In addition to time spent in the course, this report will include the content areas where the student was clicking during the time frame you specify. 

  6. Click the circular drop-down icon to the right of the report name.

  7. Click Run from the drop-down menu. 

    evaluation in menu and course reports circled in red

  8. Select the student name (if running the "Student Overview..." report) and select dates.

  9. Click Submit. 

    screen snip of start and end dates circled in red

  10. Note: If running the "Course Activity Overview," you do not have to select groups. This is optional for faculty wanting to track group activity separately from course activity. 

  11. Click Download Report. 

    download report circled in red

  12. View the report in your browser or click Report Options at the top of the report to download it in an Excel or PDF format. 

    screen snip of options to choose printable view or download to excel circled in red

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