How to reset voicemail password

Instructions on how to reset the voicemail password for the University phones.
Here are the steps to reset the university phone password.
If you are using a Teams phone your voicemail is in your email and you do not need to complete this document. If you are having trouble accessing your Teams phone Voicemail review KB article 99208
1) In the URL search bar type:
2) On the left column click the option Faculty & Staff.
3) Now click on the option Internet, Phone & Web Connection, you may have to scroll down.
4) To review the cost of resetting your voicemail password click Review Toll Rates & Billing.
5) To change the password click on the option Establish/Change Service Forms.
6) Under the Telecommunication Requisition Form in bold there is an option Service Requisition Form.
7) After clicking on that an option to open the PDF form to fill out a service form. Chose your PDF viewer.
8) In the 'Services to be Provided' section on the form, please be include the following information:
        - the fact that you need a voicemail password reset
        - the phone number of the phone that you need the voicemail password reset on
        - the names(s) and Email address(es) that you want the new password info Emailed to, (must be SIUE Email addresses).
9) Near the top of the PDF in the Requesting Services From blank is the faxing address and telephone number to confirm submission.  Fax extension 3333 or mail to campus box 1068.
10) Once we receive the completed ITS Network & Infrastructure Service Requisition Form, the process takes approximately 24 to 48 hours (excluding weekends).
11) The charge for having a voicemail password reset is $2.00, and no messages will be lost in the process.

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