Blackboard (Faculty) - Grade Center: Overwrite an "In Progress" Attempt

This document describes how to enter a score over a Grade Center attempt that appears to be "In Progress."
  1. Go to the Full Grade Center.
  2. Locate the grading cell where the blue In Progress icon appears.

    Grading cell with a "In Progress" icon

  3. Click the In Progress icon to reveal a text entry box.

    Grading cell with a text box

  4. In this box, type the point value (for "Complete/Incomplete" grading displays that do not factor into overall grades, entering any number value will produce a "Complete" checkmark).

    Grading cell with a number '10' in the text box 

  5. Press Enter on your keyboard to save the grade and move to the next grading cell.

  6. The orange triangle in the top-left corner of the grading cell indicates an "In Progress" attempt or the original score was manually overwritten.

    grade display set to 'complete/incomplete' will show a check-mark   grade display set to 'score' will show a numerical value 

  7. To record additional metadata, such as the date when the student attempted the assignment, click the circular gray drop-down icon in the upper-right corner of the grading cell.

    A grading cell with a green checkmark. The Options menu button is highlighted.

  8. Choose Quick Comment from the drop-down menu

    A grading cell with the Option menu displayed. The Quick Comment option is highlighted.

  9. Type additional data into the Grading Notes field (these notes are only seen by the instructor).

  10. Click Submit.

    The Quick Comment is visible with a date entered in the Grading Notes section.

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