Top Documents of the Week

  1. Zoom: Troubleshoot Audio (Faculty & Students)
  2. Zoom: Record a Meeting/Lecture/Presentation (Faculty & Students)
  3. Blackboard (Students) - Assignments: View Grades for Assignments
  4. Blackboard (Students) - My Grades: View Assignment Feedback
  5. Apple Mail - Add a Shared Mailbox
  6. Blackboard (Students) - My Grades: View Completed Rubric Scores
  7. Blackboard (Students) - My Grades: Viewing Instructor Feedback, Grades, and Rubric Scores
  8. TechSmith Knowmia (Relay): Share a Video link (All Users)
  9. I cannot play sound embedded in a PowerPoint presentation/show
  10. Zoom: Start a Meeting from the Zoom App (Faculty & Students)
  11. Microsoft Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) - Frequently Asked Questions
  12. Connecting a Nintendo Switch to the WiFi Network
  13. Blackboard (Faculty) - Grade Center: Download the Grade Center
  14. TechSmith Knowmia (Relay): Upload Video to Your Library (All Users)
  15. TechSmith Knowmia (Relay): Edit a Video (All Users)
  16. TechSmith Knowmia (Relay): Record Video Using Knowmia (All Users)
  17. TechSmith Knowmia (Relay): Using Fuse to Upload Media to Relay (All Users)
  18. Blackboard (Students) - Hyperlink Text in the Text Editor
  19. Microsoft Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) - Microsoft Authenticator App
  20. OneDrive: Stop Sharing a File or Folder
  21. Zoom: Breakout Rooms (Faculty/Hosts)
  22. Office 365 - Stream (Students): Upload a Video to a Professor's Course Channel
  23. Blackboard (Faculty) - How to Determine the "Instructor of Record" in CougarNet / Banner
  24. Microsoft Teams - Sign in of Teams Yealink Phone
  25. QuickTime: How to Edit Video Files
  26. Record a Presentation and Upload it to Your Professor's Stream Video Channel (Students)
  27. TechSmith Knowmia (Relay): Add & Edit Captioning (All Users)
  28. Blackboard (Faculty) - Groups: Create a Group
  29. Amazon Fire Stick: Locating the Wireless MAC Address
  30. Zoom: Sharing Your Screen (Faculty & Students)
  31. FindTime: How to Access FindTime in Outlook for Mac
  32. TechSmith Knowmia (Relay): Record a Video and Submit it for an Assignment (Students)
  33. Zoom: Record a Meeting/Lecture and Upload to TechSmith Knowmia Using the Cloud (Faculty)
  34. Blackboard (All Users) - How do I remove formatting in Blackboard's text editor?
  35. TechSmith Knowmia (Relay): Link a Relay Video in Blackboard (Faculty)
  36. TechSmith Knowmia (Relay): Link a Knowmia Folder in Blackboard (Faculty)
  37. Blackboard (Faculty) - Assignments: Create a Blackboard Assignment
  38. Blackboard (Faculty) - Grade Center: Delete Multiple columns
  39. Blackboard (Faculty) - Users: Add or Remove Users to a Blackboard Course Shell
  40. TechSmith Knowmia (Relay): Embedding Video into Blackboard (Faculty)
  41. Blackboard (Faculty) - End-of-Semester Activities
  42. Zoom: Start a Meeting from an Internet Browser (Faculty & Students)
  43. Office 365 - Upload a File to OneDrive (Faculty & Students)
  44. Blackboard (Faculty) - Tests, Surveys, and Pools: Deploy Test in Content Area
  45. Zoom: Sign In to the Zoom Desktop App (Faculty & Students)
  46. Blackboard (Students) - Download and Open LockDown Browser
  47. Office 365 - Stream: Visit a Channel and Post a Video Comment (Faculty & Students)
  48. Blackboard (Faculty) - Content Area: Add a Web Link
  49. Office 365 Outlook Web App - Delegate Your Calendar
  50. TechSmith Knowmia (Relay): Create a Folder (All Users)
  51. Production Services - Student Poster Printing - Capstone Presentation - Senior Assignment - Grad Symposium - URCA presentations
  52. Blackboard (Faculty) - Course Availability: Make Course Available
  53. Blackboard (Faculty) - Groups: Create Group Assignments
  54. Zoom: Invite Others to Join a Meeting (Faculty & Students)
  55. Zoom: Test Audio (Faculty & Students)
  56. Blackboard (Faculty) - "TA/Graduate Assistant" Listed as Instructor
  57. Blackboard (All Users) - How to Log Into Blackboard
  58. TechSmith Knowmia (Relay): Add Quiz Questions (All Users)
  59. Starfish - How to Sync your Outlook Calendar with your Starfish Calendar (Faculty & Staff)
  60. Office 365 Outlook Web App - Link Previews in Office 365
  61. Blackboard (Faculty) - "TBA" Listed as Instructor
  62. Blackboard (Faculty) - Require LockDown Browser for an Exam
  63. Blackboard (Students) - Assignments: Submit a Saved Draft
  64. TechSmith Knowmia (Relay): About & How to Log In (All Users)
  65. TechSmith Knowmia (Relay): Link a Knowmia Video using a Web Link in Blackboard (Faculty)
  66. Blackboard (Faculty) - Merge Course Shells: Request to Merge Course Shells
  67. Microsoft Teams - Welcome to Teams Calling
  68. FindTime: How to Install
  69. Blackboard (Faculty) - Export/Import: Import Course Materials
  70. Blackboard (Faculty) - Blackboard's Default Navigation and How to Customize It
  71. Zoom: Introducing Zoom Tools to Participants
  72. Office 365 - Stream: Create Video Channel (Faculty & Students)
  73. Clearing Browser Cache and Cookies - Desktop and Mobile Browsers
  74. Zoom: Cloud Recordings (Faculty)
  75. Blackboard (Faculty) - Groups: Edit Group Settings
  76. Zoom: Record a Presentation and Post it to Blackboard (Students)
  77. Blackboard (Faculty) - Grade Center: Weighted Grades
  78. Starfish - How to Set Office Hours (Faculty & Staff)
  79. Office 365 Mail - Directions for installing and uninstalling email on iPhone
  80. Microsoft Teams - Sign out of Teams Yealink Phone
  81. Fix Windows Office 365 Account Settings
  82. Blackboard (Faculty) - CRN Changes
  83. Zoom: Webinar Roles and Responsibilities
  84. Share from OneDrive (Faculty & Students): View Only
  85. Blackboard (Students) - Tips, Tricks, and Known Issues with LockDown Browser
  86. Xbox One: Locating the Wireless MAC Address
  87. Blackboard (Students) - Discussion Boards: Post a Thread to the Discussion Board
  88. Starfish - Manage a SON Success Plan in Starfish (Faculty & Staff)
  89. Blackboard (Faculty) - Course Content: Remove Course Files
  90. Blackboard (Faculty) - Instructor Changes
  91. Connect Smart TVs, Game Consoles, or Streaming Devices to Wi-Fi
  92. Blackboard (Faculty) - Developmental Course Shell Request
  93. Process to turn off Conversation View in Office 365 Outlook Web App
  94. Technical Requirements for Students
  95. Outlook Scheduling Assistant (Outlook 2016 Desktop Application)
  96. Zoom (Faculty) - Category: Update Zoom
  97. Zoom: Technical Support
  98. Starfish - How to Set Up Your Appointment Preferences (Faculty & Staff)
  99. Office365 Outlook Web App - How to disable Forwarding
  100. Zoom: Schedule a Meeting and Send an Invitation (Faculty & Students)
  101. Blackboard (Faculty) - Groups: About Groups
  102. Blackboard (Faculty) - Groups: Grade a Group Assignment
  103. Blackboard (Faculty) - Tests, Surveys, and Pools: Create a Test or Survey
  104. ProctorU: Technical Support
  105. Starfish - How to Sync your Google Calendar with your Starfish Calendar (Faculty & Staff)
  106. TechSmith Knowmia (Relay): Download Captions and Make a Transcript
  107. TechSmith Knowmia (Relay): Put a Knowmia Video in Blackboard (Faculty)
  108. Blackboard (Faculty) - Grade Center: Hide and Show Columns
  109. Blackboard (Faculty) - Publisher and Third-Party Content
  110. Starfish - How to Log In

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