YuJa (All Users) - Record Video with YuJa Browser Capture Tool (PC and Mac)

This article walks you through how record a video using the YuJa Browser Capture tool.
The YuJa Browser Capture tool uses many of the same features as the Software Capture tool, but does not require downloading and installing a file. A situation may arise when this is necessary; for example, using a Chromebook, classroom computers, or public computers where installing files is prohibited.
Chrome is the recommended browser for the Browser Capture tool.
  1. From the Media Library, click on the Create Recording button.

    Create Recording

  2. Select Record with Browser Capture Studio in the drop down list.

    select Record with Browser Capture Studio in the drop down list

  3. Title the video and click the Start button.

    Title the video and click Start.

  4. A new browser window will open with the Browser Capture Studio. On the left are your Browser Capture Options. On the right are the video input thumbnails.

    Browser Capture Studio window

  5. Recording Options:
    Camera: Display only the default web cam in the record window. To change from one web cam to another, click the drop down below the camera icon under Video. The Audio will use the default input. Click on the drop down under the microphone icon to set a different mic.

    Screen Choose which browser window or which computer screen to record.

    : A window will pop up. Select the Window or Screen from the drop down menu. Check the box "Mute website notifications while sharing." This will mute the email or Teams "ding" while you are recording. 

    Click the Start Recording button when all options are set.

    Recording options

  6. Record the video. Once the video is complete, click the Record button.

    stop recording

  7. Once you have finished recording, a new window will pop up. Click the Preview button to preview your video. Click the Upload button to save the video to your YuJa Media Library. Click the Download button to save the video to your computer. Click the Discard button to delete the video.

    Upload or discard video
  8. Monitor the status bar for upload status.

    upload status bar

  9. If there is an error in uploading, click the Retry button to begin the upload again.


  10. When the upload is complete, close the Browser window to exit and return to the YuJa Media Library.

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