YuJa (Faculty) - Intermediate Editing: Replace an Image

This document describes how to replace an image over a video.
Whether you find an error in a PowerPoint slide or you want to update information on your video, YuJa allows you to insert an image over the existing video. These instructions will walk you through how to insert the image. If you are replacing a slide from a PowerPoint presentation, follow these instructions to save a slide as an image.
  1. Navigate to the thumbnail of the video. Hover your mouse over the thumbnail and click on the cog. Click on Edit in the menu.

    click edit from the menu

  2. Play the video to where you wish the new image to begin.

    timecode slider

  3. Determine the approximate length of the new slide.

  4. Click on the Insert Image icon. The insert image icon looks like a projector screen with a bar chart.

    Insert image icon

  5. The Slide Override page will open. Click on Select File button. Navigate your computer to where the image is located. 

    Slide override page

  6. Monitor the upload status. Do not navigate away from this page until the slide is fully uploaded.

    Upload status

  7. Set the duration of the slide in seconds. Click Apply when ready.

    Set duration of the slide

  8. A blue placeholder box will appear on the timeline indicating where the image will be inserted. NOTE: You will not see the new slide when you play the video. The new slide will only be viewable after saving and processing the video.

    Placeholder for image

  9. If the new slide needs to be adjusted, click on the blue box in the timeline and the Slide Write-Over window will open. Change the duration and click OK. If this is not the correct image, click Remove.

    Edit slide Write over

  10. When the new image has been placed, click the Save button at the top of the page.

    Save button

  11. The title of the video will include "_edited". Feel free to delete that if you wish. Since the inserted image will not be viewable until after the save and processing of the video, it is a best practice to save a new video rather than overriding the original. Click the Save As New Video button.

    Save as new video

  12. You will be returned to your Media Library.

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