YuJa (All Users) - Insert or Override a Section of Video

This article walks you through how to insert a video click or override a video clip.
Before making any edits to a video, it is a best practice to make a copy of the video for a back-up. In the event that an error is made editing the video, the back-up will provide access to the original content. Follow these instructions to make a copy of the video.
You will have four choices to add a video:
  • Current Time - Override
  • Current Time - Insert
  • At Beginning
  • At End
"At Beginning" will insert the new video at the beginning of the current video. "At End" will insert the new video at the end of the current video.

Current Time - Override

You will manually select the location where the new video will be added. This option will override the existing video. For example Video 1 is 2:00 minutes long. The new video (Video 2) is :30 seconds long.

video override
Video 2 will begin at 1:00 and replace Video 1 for 30 seconds. Video 1 will pick up at 1:30 and finish at 2:00 minutes. The thirty seconds of Video 1 is gone.
Override video

Current Time - Insert

Using the example above, when inserting a video, Video 1 splits at the timeline (1:00 minute), inserts Video 2 for :30 seconds, the continues where Video 1 left off. It will increase the length of the video by Video 2's thirty seconds to make the video 2:30.
insert video
  1. Navigate to the thumbnail of the video. Hover you mouse over the thumbnail and click Edit.

    Edit video

  2. Play the video or scrub the timeline indicator to the time in the video where the new video will begin.

    Time line indicator

  3. Confirm that the Advanced Mode is active (Yes). This can be found in the right side of the toolbar above the timeline.

    Advanced Mode yes

  4. On the left side of the tool bar, click the Add a Video button.

    Add a Video icon

  5. From the Choose Media tab, select the video to be inserted. If the video is not uploaded, click on the Upload Media button to add it to the YuJa library.

    add media

  6. In the Insertion type box, select where and how to insert/override the video. Click the Apply button to continue.

    video insertion type

  7. The new inserted/overridden video will appear in the video stream. Play the video to see the edit.

  8. Finish any additional edits to the video. Click the Save button at the top of the window.  Re-title the video in necessary.


  9. If you made a back-up copy of the original video, click Replace Existing Video. If you did not make a back-up copy, click Save as New Video.

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