Blackboard (Faculty) - My Content: Access Files

This document provides an overview of Blackboard's Content Collection, a storage space for your course and personal files. It can be accessed from within a course or from Blackboard's Base Navigation menu.
  1. Click the Tools tab from the Base Navigation Menu on the left side of the window. 

    base navigation menu

  2. Click Content Collection.

    tools and content collection view in Ultra Base Navigation

  3. From the My Content menu, choose the Content you want to explore:


    My Content: ecougar (your e-ID) contains your personal folder. This folder is a storage space for files that are not associated with a course. For example, these files could be for a Portfolio, personal files for presentation or research, or course lecture material not found within the course.

    Course Content: These folders are automatically created when your course is created. When you upload files to your course (e.g. in the Coursework area), they are automatically added to the Course Content folders. Only users enrolled in the course can see course files unless permissions are changed.

    Organization Content: These folders are automatically created when an Organization is created. When you upload files to an organization (e.g. in the Information area), they are automatically added to the Organization Content folders.

    Institution Content: These folders and files are uploaded by departments for faculty use. You will see only folders that you have permission to see.  

    : Files stored in the Course Content folders can not be seen by anyone in the course until they are linked within the course (e.g. linked in Coursework item). Files stored in the My Content area can only be seen by the individual who owns the content unless the files are shared (either by permission or passes - see articles below for more on sharing). 

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