Poll Everywhere (Students) - Register for Poll Everywhere Session (only when required by professor)

This document describes how to register for in-class polling. Not all professors will require you to register. Typically, only professors who are grading your responses will ask that you register, so your responses can be identified and you can receive credit.

If you are responding via the web or the Poll Everywhere app:

  1. Click the Register button.

  2. Then click Log in.

  3. Type in your SIUE email address.
  4. An option will appear beneath the email/username field that will include a link for Single-Sign-On. Click the Single-Sign-On link.

  5. You will be redirected to the University's central login screen. Continue logging in with your e-ID and password.
  6. Enter your professor's Poll Everywhere username (displayed on screen in class) and click Join

  7. Your app or browser should remember this presentation. You should not need to Join the same professor's presentation again, unless you clear your browser history. You will be required to log back in at the start of each class period, however.

  If you are responding via text message:

  1. You will need to certify your phone number at  www.polleverywhere.com.

  2. Enter your SIUE email address in the username field. 

  3. Choose the Single-Sign-On login option that will appear beneath the username field.

  4. Go to the Settings page under your account settings.
  5. Type in your mobile phone number and click the certify link. 
  6. Follow the instructions to send your certification text message.
NOTE: Even if you did not certify your number before polling in class, you can still do this after class and all of your "unregistered" responses will then be tied to your name. If you respond to polls via text message, you should certify your number as soon as possible to avoid losing class points. 

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