Blackboard (Faculty) - Attendance: Access and Enter Attendance

This document provides an overview of how to access and enter attendance.

 Access the Attendance Tool

Before enabling the Attendance column in your grade center, please schedule a consult with an Instructional Designer to determine the best use of this tool. The Attendance column cannot be deleted from the Full Grade Center once it has been enabled.

  1. Inside the course, navigate to the Control Panel and click Course Tools; then click Attendance.
  2. If accessing the attendance tool for the first time, the Settings panel will open. This is where you'll set the grading schema.

    settings panel

    To make changes to the grading schema: Present and Absent cannot be changed. Make changes to Late and click Save. (Note: You will need to refresh the page to see any changes made.)
    Not making changes to grading schema: Close the panel if you do not want to make changes.
    If you need to get back to the Settings panel, click the Setting Icon in the upper right corner of the Attendance page.

    settings icon

  3. An Attendance column will now be added to the grade center, but attendance records will be entered through the Attendance tool under Course Tools (see next section).

 Enter Attendance

  1. Go to the attendance tool: Control Panel>Course Tools>Attendance. The page will default to the Meeting view and the current date (Today).
  2. To save time, click the Present column heading and mark all students present. Then go back and change individual students' attendance.
  3. Changes are saved and posted automatically.

Meeting View

  1. The default view when you come into the attendance tool is Meeting. Use the toggle switches in the upper right corner to switch between Overall and Meeting views. (Note: The scores will always display in percentages regardless of the setting because Meeting view only shows one day's attendance.)

    view settings
  2. Use the Previous Meeting and Next Meeting arrows to navigate between meetings.

    between meetings arrows

  3. Click on a student's name to view the summary of their attendance. 

Overall View

  1. Attendance can also be marked in the Overall view. Again, changes are saved and posted automatically. Cells remain purple until attendance is marked.
  2. Use the column heading to mark all students present.
  3. The overall score next to the student's name is set from the Settings panel. If you want to change to a percentage, points, letter, or pass/fail. Click the Settings icon.
    settings icon

 Edit a Meeting Date

  1. Click the column heading name and choose Edit meeting.
    edit meeting date

  2. Change the date by clicking the date on the calendar.

Exempt a Meeting

  1. If a date no longer requires an attendance grade, click the column heading name and choose Exempt meeting.

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