Zoom: Schedule a Meeting and Send an Invitation (Faculty & Students)

This document describes how to schedule a meeting in Zoom, which you can use for virtual office hours or other standing meetings. The screenshots in this article may not look exactly like the version of Zoom you are running; if not, try updating Zoom on your computer.
  1. Go to https://siue.zoom.us/signin/ and login with your SIUE email address and password
  2. Click Meetings in the left-hand menu
  3. Click the Schedule a Meeting button

    Create room

  4. On the next screen, give your meeting a name, set a time and date, and decide on the meeting settings.


  5. A few helpful options settings are:

    - If you are sharing this link within Blackboard, you will not need to require registration. This setting is useful if this is a meeting going out to the general public.


    Meeting ID - you can use your Personal Meeting ID or create a new one by selecting "Generated Automatically."

    Meeting ID

    - The Passcode (formally Password) will need to be emailed to the students so that they can access it. The Waiting Room will hold the students until you admit them to the Meeting Room. See Waiting Room instructions.


    - Select whether the Host and Participants will join with the video on or off. Both have the option once in the Meeting room to turn off the video.

    video settings

    Meeting Options -
    Enable join before host - this allows users to join before you. If you don't enable this, make sure  you open the meeting early for students to join.

    Mute Participants upon entry - this is a good practice so student entering late do not disrupt the speaker.

    Only Authenticated users can join - this is not necessary if you are using this link in Blackboard. It is useful to keep someone outside of SIUE from joining your room by mistake or for malicious reasons.

    Breakout Rooms pre-assigned - you can create Breakout rooms and populate them before the scheduled meeting.

    Automatically record meeting - you will only have this option if you have cloud recording enabled. (Request cloud recording here)


  6. You can include Alternative hosts by typing their SIUE email separated by a semi colon.

  7. Click Save at the bottom of the screen.


  8. On the next screen, click Copy Invitation to copy a meeting invitation with details such as time, date, and the link to join. Paste this information into an email to invitees.

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