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This document provides an overview of Blackboard's Content Collection.

Blackboard's Content Collection (Content) is a storage space for your files.

My Content Link

Click on My Content to access the Content Collection.

Click on My Content to access the Content Collection

My Content:your e-ID contains your personal folder. This folder is a storage space for files that are not associated with a course. For example, these files could be for a Portfolio, personal files for presentation or research, or course lecture material not found within the course.


To the left are additional folders:
Course Content: These folders are automatically created when your course is created. When you add files from within a course, using the "Browse My Computer" button, the files are automatically added to the Course Content folders.
Organization Content: These folders are automatically created when an Organization is created. When you add files from within an organization, using the "Browse My Computer" button, the files are automatically added to the Organization Content folders.
Institution Content: These folders and files are uploaded by departments for the use of their faculty. You will see only folders that you have permission to see. 

Best Practices in the My Content

  1. Organize your files in folders to more easily search your content. Files are initially listed in alphabetical order. Keeping similar or related files together will make it easier to find what you need.
  2. Use the My Content folders to store presentations and research files as backup. If your main source (computer hard drive or jump drive) is damaged, these files will give you a backup source.
  3. Use the My Content files to share files with people outside of the university when a file is too large to email. By creating a Pass on a file, you may email a link to the file to a colleague outside the University.

    • Create a Pass
      • A Pass is a way to share a file in My Content with someone outside of the University. This method is recommended over emailing the file, especially if the file is large. This way the file stays in your possession but can be viewed and possibly edited by a colleague.

        Create the Pass

        1. Identify the file to be shared.
        2. Hover your mouse over the file name and click the drop-down arrow.
        3. Click on Passes.

          select passes

        4. Click Create Pass button.
        5. Lifetime Pass:
          No expiration indicates that the user will the link to the file will always have access to the file
          Lifetime of Pass: set the number of minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, or years that the user will have access to the file.

          lifetime pass

        6. Permissions: In the Permission drop-down box, select
          Read: user can only read the file
          Read / Write: user can read and make changes to the file
          Read / Write / Delete: user can read, make changes, and delete the file. Use caution with this option. If an outside user deletes your file, you will not be able to recover it.

        7. Click Submit at the top or bottom of the page.

        Email the Pass

        1. To email the pass. click the check box to the left of the expiration date. Click the Email Pass button.

          Email pass

        2. Add the users email address and any addition message. Do not delete or change the link to the pass.

          Add email address

        3. Click Submit to send the email.

  4. Note: Any files stored in the Course Content folders can not be seen by anyone in the course until they are linked within the course. Any files stored in the My Content area can only be seen by you until the files are shared (either by permission or passes).

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