Blackboard (Faculty) - I cannot enter my course

This document provides an overview of how to workaround when the homepage has been set as an external site and preventing you from entering the course.

Occasionally in Blackboard, an external site such as WebAssign, or MyLabs is set as the homepage. This throws an error and you cannot get to the rest of your course to reset the homepage. Follow these steps to work around the issue:

  1. Open the course with the error.
  2. Open a new tab, log into Blackboard, and go into a course that does not throw an error.
  3. Go to a generic page, like Announcements or Coursework, that you have in both courses.
  4. Go back to the tab with the course error and copy the course ID from the address bar.
    address bar with course ID highlighted/selected
  5. Go to the tab with the non-error course and paste the course ID over the existing one. Press Enter on the keyboard.

    You should now be able to get into the course menu for the course with the error. Follow these instructions in this knowledge base article for how to change the homepage

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